• Too many Vote-bombers

    Too many people on here are either, dishonest or vote-bombers. They seem to automatically vote for someone without giving a solid RFD to account for their vote. I really wish people on here would vote correctly, and not unfairly.

    People need to clarify their RFD, and actually vote on who they thought did the better.

  • Yes vote bombing is an issue

    Yes does have too many vote bombers. This is an unfortunate aspect of the website and one that should be addressed in the future. Over time I think the issue will be resolved but for now it is simply something we have to deal with when using the site.

  • There are vote bombs, but less than people think

    I think for the most part people hear think before they vote and aren't fools. You've got a few who don't do it. But otherwise, I think people hear make a proper decision to cast the right vote. I love this site for that reason. People are fair when they vote.

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