• Democracy is a farce and a fraud

    Democracy itself makes no sense. The idea behind democracy is that will of the people is to prevail. However, there is no such thing as the will of the people. There are a lot of individual wills but there is no overall will that can be attributed to the people as a whole.

  • When it is paired up with Capitalism, yes.

    The title says it all (unfortuately Capitalism and Democracy are going hand in hand and I have no idea why). Capitalism promotes economic and social inequality and based on the idea that "only the strong survive." Yet, the 2 founding purposes of Democracy was 1. Freedom and 2. Equality for everyone by giving everyone equal amounts of power (not kids but you know what I mean).

  • Democracy is simply a system where all are able to participate, NOT majority rules. The image is misleading.

    The idea behind democracy is that everyone has a say in what goes on in the government. People are obviously going to disagree. Democracy isn't necessarily about everyone agreeing on a single plan. There is no contradiction here. Individuals voice their concerns and policy is shaped somehow using these viewpoints.

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