• It does do it

    Democracy does promote human rights because it is very good and I could talk all day about it but right now it's not a good day to talk about it and I think that it's a great idea to use human rights and very very very good to do human rights.

  • Democracy promotes human rights

    Democracy is a system that gives individuals a say, it gives them a choice. They are the ones who decide the fate of the decision makers. Individuals can remove a legislator if they don't like him. They can create laws through referendum. The right of choice is powerful, and democracy provides it.

  • Yes, democracy is helpful in promoting human rights

    I believe that a democracy provides the most ideal environment to promote human rights over other types of governmental systems. One example of this is the comparison between the United States and China. While the U.S. supports human rights around the globe, China has repeatedly been accused by multiple sources for a wide range of human rights violations. Democracy generally bolsters independence and the value of individual citizens.

  • People promote human rights -- not democracy.

    Although our society may link democrats with human rights movements, democracy itself does not inherently promote human rights. If the people inside the democracy do not see such advancements within human rights as important or even feasible -- democracy cannot promote that from within. It is about the people within the society working inside the democracy. They are the ones who are responsible for the promoting or discrediting human rights.

  • No, but people sure like to think so.

    Democracy itself does not grant any inherent human rights. Democracy simply says that what the majority of the population wants is what happens-- so if the majority of the population wants to oppress a minority, that is what happens, even when it's likely a violation of the human rights of that minority.

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