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  • Does democracy werk

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  • Democracy do work!

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    Democracy works because is the government by the people. They actually have the opportunity to choose who would the best candidate to represent them. Many people complain that this is not the case but lets be honest, most of the people who wants change do absolutely nothing to for it. You can see it in voting time will have one of the lowest voting rates in the world. If we want a democracy for all we got to step up and get involved physically not just saying it

  • But only when...

    ...The people are educated to a degree where the visceral and lackadaisical decisions are removed. People should have to qualify themselves in order for their vote to count, ideally through some kind of test. Having 1000 well-educated people who are informed on one particular issue, say abortion, is far better than having millions of vote on the issue, some of which may not know what abortion is.

    Furthermore, leaders and figureheads should be abolished from politics so that the focus will always be on the policies, not whether someone is well-presented or well-spoken.

    Democracy works, just not in the way most countries have it at the moment.

  • Democracy Does Work

    Yes Democracy does work in the World. It is proven in many countries to be a successful way of running the government. The downside is that it doesn't work as well as it should though. People are greedy and power hungry so Democracy is effective but not as great as it should be.

  • Representative Democracy Infantilises People

    Sadly, electoral democracy invariably descends into a game of crude bribery where the general population auction off their X on a ballot paper to the highest bidder. This creates a sense of entitlement and a faustian pact between would-be politicians and electors - i.e. keep telling us what we want to hear and agree to be 'the bad guy' in five years when my life hasn't magically got better.

    Politicians know that telling people to meet life halfway and work a bit harder is electoral kryptonite, so they play along and indulge 'us' with promises that result in unsustainable spending and short-termism. It's because of democracy that the major countries of the world are as indebted as they are.

    We need to stop depicting career politicians as devils, grow up, realise that WE have created them and take our slice of the blame.

  • Liberal democracy works

    Absolute democracy where majority rules is nothing short of mob rule. Mob rule is inherently dysfunctional and obstreperous. There is no respect for the rule of law. 51% of the population can vote the away the rights of 49% of the population. Democracy by itself inherently will collapse on itself with no rule of law. Liberal democracy however does work because the rules of law is respected.

  • In an absolute democracy, the poorest will suffer

    In an absolute democracy (one where all citizens vote on all matters of law) can lead to a majority making laws that may hurt the minority. If you have 60% of people who believe that a new road should be built in a high affluent area, then people who live in a lower affluent area (who would make up 40% of the population, not a negligible minority).

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