• We are still here

    Gigantic empires that reached many nation no longer exist. Strong ruthless dictatorships from the past are are gone. As flawed as this democracy is it still exists.
    I would rather have a dirty politician stealing 10% of my wages than living with no government and having to fight a man for the meat of a dead rat.
    Trust me kid things can get a whole lot worse and you might end up missing this horrible government that you currently hate.

  • "Democracy is cringe, Read some Aristotle. "

    A constitution decided upon (possibly through democratic means) by the main colonizers before anyone is actually under control of it (so that people do technically choose whether or not they live under it) makes sense to me. Make laws that permanently defend freedoms and can't be discarded. Also, Mob rule is inevitable in democracy, And ALWAYS results in the big dumb.

    P. S. Dichotomies are bad for everything, Especially politics (in reference to parties).

  • In the modern world it most certainly does not.

    Democracy may have been an ideal form of government about 4 decades ago. However, Since then the human mindset has evolved and as a result has become more chaotic. Democracy is a system which was created to make the voice of the people heard but as we can see in the modern world, Democracy has accomplished anything but that. The problem being, This so called democracy is being run by corrupt individuals who are just being replaced by another corrupt human and the endless cycle goes on which results in selling the country for one's personal gain. Even after realizing this people still sing songs of democracy is at is seen as an ideal form of government. The world cannot be changed by good words alone, We can't expect to bring a change just by having "good" ideals. You cannot make this world a better place without getting your hands dirty. The current filthy system that we live in is way beyond saving. The only way to create a world of peace is to destroy this system as a whole and replace it with another, Create a new world. The system I propose is to give total power to a group of 20 idealistic and righteous young citizens of the country. In today's world we can see the youth demanding for a change in the power but they have no power. Hence, Power would be given to them. To make these youths seem credible in the public eye, They would be chosen be chosen by the parties currently ruling, With the whole system being overseen by a committee which ensures the selection of right candidates with the same ideals and skillset as required. These people would then take in charge of different multiple different sectors that one has to deal with while running a country. Each sector would have two committees, One would be responsible for checking the validity and morality of the decision made and the other one would be to find possible defects in the decision proposed. This procedure will be followed for all the sectors and all the proceedings of the sector will be overlooked by an independent body which does not answer to the people in power. By making the proposed system a reality and by elimination democracy simultaneously, A much better world can be created. Obviously this proposed system isn't a one without flaws but is a one that can run the country most efficiently.

  • It is contradicting

    The bases of a functioning democracy is disobedience and an unwillingness to submit to the state government inherently suppresses that. Patriotism also makes democracy imposable if it's like blasphemy to say that your country is not free (a very patriotic society) it is imposable to be vigilant. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance!

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