• Children should have detention.

    I think that children should have detention. As a result of detention, students can decide how to become a better person and how to try to prevent going to detention. Also, children don;t want to miss out on nutrition and lunch social hour with their friends, or after school video game time.

  • Lesson is learned

    Children will know not to repeat their bad actions to have them end up in detention in the frst place, resulting in better behaviour. And better behaivor means less distactions during lesson. And less distrations means more learnig time. And learning time affects pupils futures. I think detention improves behaviour.

  • Serving Detention Duty Right Now

    As an educator in the profession for more than 10 years, I find that detention is often misused. However, it can constructed to be an effective deterrent, which is all we can hope for with any negative punishment. Detention is best used, not as study hall or cleanup time, but, rather, as a means of getting students attention by exhausting a students free time. In an time when parents are quick to yell at their children, a 100% silent, respectful punishment often heard... That is, if it's structured correctly.

  • Yes it does

    Children and adults need to look at what is right and wrong and sometimes not having someone to lead them may cause mis-behaviour needing them to be punished so that don't make the same mistakes. Its for their own benefit, and a great chance for someone to learn from them.

  • Yes it does

    Kids should get detention because it takes away there freedom at lunch or after school. This is an effective form of punishment because no one wants their lunch time with friends taken away. Also it scares kids into not acting out and teaches kids how to be respectful and respectful to other kids and adults. Students will try not to make the same mistakes after they have had detention also detention gives the student time to think about what they have done wrong.

  • Sometimes yes, and sometimes no. No form of discipline is 100% effective for 100% of it's recipients.

    For instance-for me getting a disappointing look from my teacher wounded me for days. I would never get as far as detention. My brother on the other hand could care less about looks from the teacher hated detention because he would miss the first 30 minutes of sports after school. My sister hated lunch detention because that was when she got to hang with her "girls" because they didn't have any classes together. So, missing a lunch meant you were out of the loop when it came to pertinent information like who's "going" with who, who no one was speaking to that day or who's house everyone was hanging out. I also knew kids who had detention so often one would think it was officially part of their class schedule. I believe what is important, is to make sure whatever form of discipline that is issued out is effective-which means there must be much thoughtful consideration for each individual student in that consequences should be "tailored" to fit the misconduct and the student to bring about a positive change in behavior.

  • It Doesn't Change Anything

    If you are just sitting there for 30 mins to an hour nothing will change and especially if it is one of the weekend detentions. There is just no point, it is a waste of time and a horrible way to try to get kids to behave. It doesn't make any sense

  • Improves education standard

    There should be detention but not in very low classes . The bar should be extended till class 5 or 6 . But giving detention improves the education standard and children become responsible . If there is no detention children dont care to study and often drop out in class 9 .Also hard working children dont get what they deserve .

  • It should not be a thing

    First of all how is detention going to help they won't learn their lession they go over and over again because it doesn"t teach them to stop.And also it basicly breaks the teacher and students bond. Thats the last thing they want in every school with detention .Meaning that could eventually cause kids to escape school. Or even comit suicide.

  • It should not be a thing

    First of all how is detention going to help they won't learn their lession they go over and over again because it doesn"t teach them to stop.And also it basicly breaks the teacher and students bond. Thats the last thing they want in every school with detention .Meaning that could eventually cause kids to escape school. Or even comit suicide.

  • Nope

    As somebody that was in it plenty, I can say it was a punchline more than it was anything else and nobody in it cared. I'm a college grad, I was not some rotten lost cause but that's pretty much how you're labeled when you're in there. It's not an incentive to avoid whatever got you there, it's a minor inconvenience at most.

  • Not really

    Detention only starts the children on a long line of understanding that when they do something wrong, they are simply pulled apart from their peers for an extended amount of time to think about what they did. I think more constructive punishment, such as forcing the kids to help around the community or help the high school or middle school with projects will spark an interest in community service, as well as giving the kid a sense of purpose. It may even keep them more busy and likely to use their time in wise ways.

  • No, detention does not serve a purpose!

    I do not believe that dentenion serves a purpose, because the same children are uselly back in dention for doing the same thing. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. If detention, did not work the first time, the school system needs to be creative and implement another cause to correct the behavior!

  • No, detention doesn't do much to improve anything.

    Detention doesn't do much but prove that someone has the power to cause you an inconvenience. It's my understanding that kids that are put on detention are just basically made to waste time not doing much of anything. There's no attempt to correct the behavior that got the kid in trouble, just supposedly a set amount of time to "think about it" while not being free to do what he wants. As a form of behavior modification it really isn't very effective.

  • Banally speaking- It's a waste of time

    I do not believe in the pure, And wholesome "power" of detentions, Otherwise known as an over-glorified form of Time-out. The case isn't supported at all that the purpose of it is supposed to "make the student think about what they've done. " I'm quite sure that detentions are not conversed of and discussed with elementary school children in mind. Make no mistake however, High schoolers are still children, But they are transitioning into the phase of adulthood, And as such that energy should not be wasted on a mind-numbing session of silence and inactivity that is more of a struggle to stay conscious than it is a room to ponder on one's regrets in life.
    With that said, I do believe in the power of punishments. Without a doubt, If a student is continually performing acts of misbehavior it should be addressed. Just not so. . . . . . Poorly. I mean, Think of the unfortunate faculty member who has to do monitor the students! They have personal matters to attend to as well as anybody else. But in regards to the students, Have them perform tasks to make up for their punishment. Perform community service, Have them do an assignment that improves their skills, Otherwise their grade suffers, With their grade not improving if they do complete it, But not as well. Have them sharpen skills that they aren't good at, Do things that frustrate them so as to both punish them and for them to build a resistance to it, As such resistances to frustrations and irritation helps an individual in the future from breaking under it. A more positive suggestion, Hold sessions where you discuss how their behavior can be improved. There are many ways to doll out punishment that can be much more productive and yield far better results.
    Last but not least, Unless you are well acquainted with that student, Don't look and judge them so harshly when they come in for detention or punishment. Especially when it's their first time. Complaining about the current generation? We should look to the past before we point fingers. We of the past play a hand in what the new generation brings.

  • Waste of time

    Detentions are a good idea but it does not work there is 1 boy in my class who takes it as a part of life and tries to get them because everyone thinks he is funny for it, Detentions do not serve a purpose I just wrote a 500 word Essa on it

  • Waste of Everyone's Time

    People say detention is supposed to teach you a lesson, But WHAT are we supposed to learn from this? That it's actually possible for school to be even more boring than it already is? That you aren't going to like those who give you a punishment?
    I got (in-school) detention for being late to class, And this is pretty much the message I got from it all: "Oh! You're missing a little bit of the lesson and getting a little behind because you are late! Well, Let's just make you miss THE ENTIRE class, Make you EVEN MORE behind in that class, And you know what? To make it even better, Let's make you miss EVERY OTHER class you have that day as well! So instead of missing a few minutes but being able to get caught up in class, Let's just make you miss EVERYTHING and become A WHOLE DAY behind in not only that class, But also EVERY OTHER class! WOw GrEaT iDeA! "
    So not only is it a waste of my time, But also the person (or people) supervising it, Because now they have to just sit there and watch me just sit there, And I highly doubt that's what that person wanted to be doing with their time and their career.
    It's basically achieving the opposite of what they want it to achieve. Absurd.

  • IT Sucks Bro

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  • Whats the point

    Detention just takes away from kids being social. No one wants to stay after school for no reason not to mention how kids do the same time and they keep going to detention. Schools should learn after like the 3rd time that, That child isn't going to chance the way that they are acting and the school should do something else

  • Detentions are useless!

    What's the purpose of it if it just wastes your time and you can't do anything! If anything, They should make it study time instead. Waiting in a room for it to end just makes kids hate school even more and there is no purpose. You think that "It teaches the a lesson". Well guess what? IT DOESN'T! The repeated waiting just becomes a habit and there is no point - your time is wasted and the teachers waste their time for no reason

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