Does determinism follow (yes) or break (no) Newton's laws of physics?

  • Yes, determinism supports Newton's laws.

    Yes, determinism supports the general principles of Newton's laws of physics. Determinism states that every event is caused by a specific trigger, just as Newton's laws state that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. These two schools of thought agree that there is always a logical and predictable outcome for every sequence of events.

  • Yes, determinism is in line with Newton's law of physics.

    Determinism is in line with Newton's laws of physics because in determinism philosophy, every event, including human action, are caused by conditions that bring up no other event than that. So it can be measured and it is against the concept of free will. Determinism states that each event is a result of something that lead to that event.

  • It Follows It

    I believe determinism follows Newton's laws of physics. Determinism mandates that each event is inevitable, that there is a cause and an action, and the result will be consistently the same. It is generally juxtaposed to free will. Newton's laws of physics are very basic and straight foward. They tend to outline a cause and effect for genreal statements about physics that he found to be true over and over again.

  • Determinism does not break Newton's Laws of Physics

    Determinism does not break Newton's Laws of Physics nor will it ever break at any point in the future as it stands today. Determinism has already taken place, but Newton's Laws of Physics have always been in place, even before he invented them. To make a better comparison, both determinism and Newton's Laws of Physics go hand in hand.

  • Science is an instrument, a tool

    We base this instrument off of our observations and inferences in order to better predict how things will work. Hence it doesn't necessarily mean that everything has cause and effect except that that particular concept is useful in employing towards ends. There could be exceptions to the rule as yet undiscovered and perhaps never discovered.

  • This just in. Determinism is evidence that Religion and science don't mix.

    Determinism and Pre-determinism are pseudo science. They are a fire side philosophical discussions meant to be digested whilst having a beer and a joint. The mechanics of science are meant to define our universe by describable, repeatable, documentable, provable conditions. The idea of determinism is to look at the act after the moment. Anything that "Happened" can then be declared.... "The Only Way It Could Have Happened". That is the epitome of "Circular Logic" and is a dangerous and perilous direction. However, the conundrum of it all is the fact that from a scientific point of view, You could argue that "The apple falls down, because of gravity" and so it was an act of Determinism......... Ow, pass that joint mate.

  • Determinism Has Independent Systems

    Determinism, if anything, is the opposite of Newton's law of action/reaction. Determinism means there are events in humanity that happen without causing another event. The laws of physics are just the opposite--forces, matter and energy continually act on their environment and cause changes further down the line. Hydrogen molecules gathering together several billion years ago formed our sun. In another several billion years, those same hydrogen molecules will run out and the fusionable material will become helium as our sun expands to a red giant. Events that happened a very long time ago will continue to affect us for eons to come.

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