• Dieting dose make people fat

    Yes,most people say its when you stop dieting is what makes you fat.But most people give up almost instantly because its not showing the results they want right away.Also they think that exercising is the key.But thats not true.In order to lose weight you have to actually have weight.But most people are just overreacting.There for dieting is making people fat.

  • Getting Off Diets Makes People Fat

    A diet isn't something that can be maintained temporarily. A diet is a lifestyle change that needs to be permanent if someone wants to lose weight and keep it off. Eating different foods to lose weight doesn't make people fat--weight gain is what happens when they go back to eating the foods they ate before going on a diet.

  • Following a proper diet does not

    No, following a consistent and proper diet does not make people fat. But radical and temporary changes like eating only apples for two weeks, for example, can contribute to gaining even more weight when the diet is over. There is also a term "Starvation diet," which means you are eating less calories than your body needs. Well, the body remembers the experience, and as soon as you're off the diet, it will start storing fat to protect itself for the future.

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