• In place of education

    In case of caste because of B R AMBEDKER we dont get good colleges insted of getting good marks in competative exams . We know that he had bad days because on some one who were in higher caste .. But now the genaration has been changed then why we are getting punishment ???? .... Atlest remove all this in education . .

  • Self-segregation occurs with diversity.

    Look no further than America as the living argument that diversity is not supposed to occur. People from other countries immigrate to America, but refuse to forsake every other nation, which is something they have to do to become a citizen. Then, you end up with people living in America, that have national pride for their home country, and no pride for America. Simply put, they refuse to assimilate and have the mindset that they do not care about the future of America, and if things get bad here, they go back to where they came. Assimilation is important, but every race has too much ego, and refuses to embrace American societal norms, instead choosing to hide behind the race card and victimology. So we aren't a melting pot any more,, we are a lunchable.

  • Diversity is harmful by nature

    I take it you mean ethnic diversity, but this arguement can also be abstracted to diversity of culture, thought, language, religion, etc...
    The only type of diversity that is essentially good is diversity of skillset. Diversity of any other sort only instills infighting and strife among a people. You never see people saying african countries need diversity, only white countries do. If given the option, people associate with their own race. Even if forced to integrate, minorities live amongst themselves and fight with other close outside groups. There is also a huge hypocracy among advocates of divirsity. Most of the people pushing it live in a majority racially homogenous neighborhood and haven't been among a large amount of minorities before. You already segregate in everyday life. Are your friends people who think similarly to you or differently? Would you prefer to live in a nation where most people got along or fought? If given a choice, most people would like to live among family and friends rather than people who disliked them and had ideologies controdicting theirs.

    Posted by: Nawl
  • Diversity does not hurt democracy.

    Diversity and democracy can coexist. At its most basic level democracy is participatory government with decisions based on the majority opinion. Democracy without diversity is simple. If everyone is equal and has the same perspective than the majority will be nearly unanimous. Adding diversity (people with different perspectives), will make the majority opinion less of a landslide. This makes things more complicated, but it does not hurt democracy. One could even say that diversity enhances democracy by preventing group think.

  • No, it does not.

    If anything diversity helps democracy, it does not hurt it. Having a wide variety of people telling us their opinions is always a good thing. We are able to think of minorities, and understand their positions. Working together with all forms of people and groups is always a good thing. It helps us grow.

  • No, I don't think so.

    Democracy can benefit from diversity. Being able to accept different opinions and views on the world is good for us because we need to be able to look at things from all angles. The more diversity we have the more we can understand others and help to avoid conflicts, and continue to build towards a bright future.

  • Diversity builds democracy.

    Without diversity, there is no discussion. Without discussion there is no democracy. If we expect everyone to be the same, then there is no point in having a democracy. If we are all the same, then we all want the same thing. That is not democracy. That is a travesty.

  • Diversity benefits democracy.

    I think for democracy to work then there needs to be a difference in opinion. Expecting everyone and everything to think exactly how you think is unrealistic and a society cannot flourish like that. Sure you won't always get your way, but with democracy, everyone has a chance to have an opinion.

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