• Yes why not

    I would say because if only mother is only there with the child, then women will not get any money from anyone.
    If only father is there then no one can take care of the child.
    Also child csn also cry for the mother. So it will affect the child's mind more and more.

  • Last i checked....

    Last i checked when a man and a woman get a divorce it effects everyone involved but the ones who are effected the most are usually the children because then they are stuck wondering if they did something wrong, and not only that but they are then oftn torn in 2 different directions. Like if 1 parent was to move away then they would be having to go back and forth every so often that they wouldn't even know the meaning of home anymore, and to top it all off if 1 of the parents decides to go for sole-custody of the child and wins then means that the children involved may not get to see their mother or father again. So yes it does effect the child. Also ask your self this question "if my parents were to divorce each other would my life be the same.

  • Of course it does

    Of course divorce affects child development. After experiencing a divorce of the parents, no child remains the same or develops in the same way they would have developed if they lived in a complete family, with mom and dad. Like it or not, it's a major change, and in many cases a major loss for the child.

  • Divorce process have a great impact on children

    Every children wish to live in full family. When marrieds face a trouble, firstly it impact on child.
    The living separately with one of the parent brings many problems. Nobody better than your father can help son with men's issues and give an advice for daughter how to protect herself. The same situation with mothers.
    It is a big stress for child, because his or her peers have family hikes to the zoo or circus, they visit places together, travel every weekend, while this child have to spend time with father that has another family.
    These children may be mentally unstable
    child equally love mother and father and he begins break between parents.
    Parents should try to cement their relationship for happiness of their child

  • Most of all it effect on child's psychology

    Every children wishes to live in big,happy family with mother,father,sisters and brothers.
    Each member of family represents value and necessity. Everybody wishes love for their parents, strong relationships for sisters and brothers. Life and health of our parents is everything for us. Generally mothers can endure everything. Only the children were happy. They sacrifice themselves and at last they tired from husband's betrayal and drunkenness. Because of that , divorce happens. Of course after that she starts her new life he starts his own life. Both of them forget about child's interest and just try to win the love from all sides. They will not understand how it's difficult for their kid to make choice between two important family members. Nobody can answer the question: Whom you love more? Mom or Dad? Because both are important and both are necessary. Before make decision about divorce please, just look at kids which you have created together :-) Not children are reason of your unhappiness they just reason of your smile!

  • At the middle. (Neither yay or nay)

    I'm sorry but I can't say yes or no for this one.. I will have to be at the middle. And yes, of course the divorce might affect the child development because father needs to work and give money to his family for his child's sake and education but if they divorce, the child might not have the perfect education and of course his mother can work and carry on their lives but the child is going to get stressed out because of that and he/she won't be too happy about their parents splitting up. And it might cause children suffering from psychological and behavioral problems of stressed out from his parents divorce too much. But for some child, they might have no problem and still live a happy life.. So um I will have to say it depends.

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2Niquers2 says2013-09-27T01:53:07.657
It all depends.