Does Donald Trump as President condone sexual harassment of women?

Asked by: Luna1123
  • Trumps going to downgrade women!

    He's going to make women sex objects and allow us to be slaves he'll lower our pay! Since he wants to have sex with his own daughter he'll make it legal for everyone to do the same. Men will own women and our economy will never be the same !

  • Puh-lease. He probably spends his free time objectifing women.

    First, let's just talk about the fact he openly objectifies women and promotes sexual assault with his said "locker romm talk", and mostly, his now-famous line : "Grab 'em by the pussy" (plain-sexual-assult). He has been reported to being a freaking mysoginistic pig (and I think he's facing trial for the rape of a child ?). Trump probably sees women as inferior beings, and even think they shouldn't be able to vote (tsk.).

  • He is a pervert

    And he got away with raping at least 2 females just because he is white and rich. He himself is racist, and because more than half of all cops are racist, fascist, and Klansmen, they are indeed on Donald's side, which is why they additionally didn't penalize him in any way, and the reason why the head of KKK endorsed Donald Trump. Many conservatives are perverts actually, and will want to push the agenda in also forcing girls to each time expose more skin by making stores like Walmart, Target, Macy's, JC Penny, K-Mart, Mervyns, etc. to sell clothes shorter and shorter for girls with no bigger options. The bigger options are on sell in some online websites, but I have no doubt that Donald Trump would attempt shutting down websites and markets selling regular size clothes for females, and he may even have cops, FBIs, CIAs, and State Polices to go door by door, car by car, homeless by homeless to confiscate all regular sized clothes for girls as well as penalizing those who make regular sized clothes for girls after the cops are finished collecting them from everywhere.

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  • I sure hope so!

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  • He is an influencer.

    As the leader of this nation, Trump would have vast influence over the opinions/views of its citizens if elected. He has repeatedly proven he is willing to treat women like sex objects (ie. The "pussygate scandal"), so who's to say that the boys growing up under him won't follow suit?

  • That's overstating it

    Trump certainly has a history of treating women as sex objects, but the premise that he "will makeMAKE women sex objects" implies force, which is a level there's no evidence he's ever reached. He may have taken advantage of his position (a la Bill Clinton) but there's no evidence he ever tried to force a woman to do something against her will. In fact on the tape he basically said "I tried but she wouldn't let me". He may be a perv, but he's not a pimp.

    Posted by: SM29
  • Why do we need to talk about this?

    I seriously don't think a president can make women sex objects. Let's see it as this: one guy, making 51% of his country sex slaves. Don't see the logic in that. Why is this even a thing! Why cant we all just be friends and elect a president without using the word sex?

  • In this world there are only two sexes which is by natures design.

    Donald Trump hasn't the ability to make women sex objects, they are by natures design attractive to men. Only women by their own behavior can make of themselves " sex objects." A woman with lack of morals will and character will use her natural sexual attraction to draw men to her and although she may feign her indignation, she is perfectly pleased that this is so.

  • No he won't

    I am not a fan of Trump at all but he is not going to make women sex objects. If anything he will try to champion women to make up for this election. Bottom line is he won't be making women sexual objects grow up. A a a a a

  • Propaganda by opposition

    The entire accusation of sexual harassment against trump was done by paid agents paid to act as accused. The whole thing is a conspiracy against trump. Trump will no make women sex objects. Done and done deal, case closed. More to the point, the accusers consist of millions of porn-watching Trump haters.

  • He's an idiot...But the country is not.

    Trump has made it very clear he is a man of sexual desire. But to say he will make women sexual objects is very absurd. He is running to be the president...Not to run a whore house. This is the 21st century and the idea in today's era is to stop sexualizing women.

  • We the people are sick

    While I will say people in the US prioritize sex over everything (just really think about all the current issues these days), you know, have sex with who you want, when you want, however you want has been a trending theme. BUT, no president has the power to make half the population 'objects'. No, we the people have already done that. Pretty sure everyone sees billboards and advertisements with half-naked women on them all the time, and Porn is a massive business. If you look up stats on the percent of men and women who watch such things IN the US, you'd be shocked.

  • They already are

    Just look at life, women in skimpy clothing set next to items companies want to sell, in video games women are also often treated as sex objects, you can't turn them into sec objects if they already are, allot of people call men pigs for talking dirty about women, but don't blame them, they keep getting bombarded by tits and asses with near naked women on adds everywhere, got a car to sell? Put a women next to it, women being sex objects is already a thing.

  • Lol, not even close

    Nope, but those millions of porn-watching Trump haters do. How's it feel to know that, despite your feigned moral outrage over Trump's alleged sexism, you are just as much an objectifier of women as he is, if not worse? You get your kicks from watching the sexual domination of women, and yet you have the nerve to fail on about the problem presented by sexism? Really?

  • No the president cannot alone make any law.

    There is a balance of power in this country called the branches of government. No one person can never take that kind of control. Even when the current president tries. And if you look at the pay disparity between the sexes, the Clintons have a far greater pay disparity between the sexes.

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