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  • No, I Believe Hillary and Donald Attract Crazy People Equally.

    No, I do not believe that Donald Trump attracts all the crazy people. I believe that there are many crazy people out there and they all have to choose a candidate just like anyone else. Some will choose Donald Trump while others (maybe even a greater majority) choose Hillary Clinton.

  • Donald Trump does not attract all the crazy people.

    Not knowing the intended meaning of crazy in this question, Donald Trump does not attract a set of people that are mentally unstable. He has some radical comments but he also has followers that are into his political views in serious ways. Voting for someone based on gender or race could be claimed as crazy, along with someone who makes crazy claims.

  • No, Donald Trump simply makes people feel comfortable to express themselves passionately.

    Donald Trump does not attract all the crazy people! There are many Americans that believe he will bring about much needed change in this country, and they get very passionate about it. It is just the same on the Democratic side. When emotions and passions are involved, people often act in ways they normally wouldn't. Donald Trump is a very outgoing, extroverted person, and when people see him, they get brave to be more outspoken.

  • No, there are many types of "crazy" people.

    A lot of "crazy" people do seem to be supporting Trump, but there are a lot of different kinds of "crazy" people. Conservatives who tend to believe in a lot of conspiracy theories and people in hate groups seem to favor Trump in this election. However, there are lots of liberal "crazy" people who support Clinton, and lots of "crazy" people who support Gary Johnson, Jill Stein or another third-party candidate. Then there are a lot of "crazy" people who don't care about politics or who refuse to vote because they think the entire country is corrupt.

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