• Yes, President Trump cares about the environment, just not with the same mindset as younger Americnas?

    Even if only through his business dealings Trump actually has a lot of experience with environmental issues and enforcement, and not always in the most positive context. He needs to understand more the benefits to business of conservation, sustainable resources and harvesting and preservation of natural assets. A more global view of environmentalism invites a more holistic picture of business that can fuel great strides in securing and reconstructing habitat as well as recovering industrial waste lands and driving new technologies that work with the environment to move fuels and other hazardous materials around more safely.

  • Yes, he cares about the environment.

    President Trump cares about the environment. However, he also cares about economy development and job opportunities. Trump believes that he can balance the priorities of taking care of our environment with creating a strong business environment that encourages companies to flourish, grow and create new jobs. In short, Trump can walk and chew gum at the same time when it comes to the environment and economic development.

  • He believes in facts.

    A person doesn't have to jump on the global warming bandwagon in order to care about the environment. Trump wants to use American oil rather than continue our dependence on foreign oil. He wants to develop ways to harness energy in ways that are safer and which do less damage to the environment.

  • Big money only. No care for our planet

    He has done nothing in terms of donations. No new laws have been instilled or even talked about that would directly or indirectly benefit the environment. I wish he would take it a bit more seriously. The environment needs to be the number 1 priority for all nations and people. Without nature, nothing would be possible

  • He doesnt care

    Donald trump only cares about money and he doesn[t care if he "accidentally " damages the environment while making the money that he loves so dearly. If recycling made him money then he would be all over it. He only cares aout how big the check in the mail will be

  • It would appear not.

    It would seem that Donald Trump is doing everything in his power to rape every aspect of the world. The environment is one of the biggest things he obviously doesn't care about or just doesn't know anything about. Moving forward on two major pipelines that are adding to the destruction of the environment is just solid proof that he only has big business interests in mind. He couldn't care less about the common person or the environment in which they live in. Just as long as his pockets get lined and all of his cronies and the people pulling his strings are happy.

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