• Yes, Donald Trump does deserve being Time's Person of the Year since he earned it.

    Donald Trump deserved becoming Time's Person of the Year because he became the most influential person in 2016. There is no disputing the fact that Trump became a fixture in the entire world, and for that reason alone he earned Time's selection as Person of the Year. The selection process uses a determining factor of who wielded the most influence with the year being selected. And for better or for worse, they have chosen that person fairly and appropriately this year, by selecting Donald Trump. By Time Magazine selecting Donald Trump, they simply believe he was the most influential person, but not the most popular or most liked, and for that reason I believe Donald Trump deserved Person of the Year.

  • Yes, Donald Trump deserves to be Time's Person of the Year.

    Yes, Donald Trump deserves to be Time's Person of the Year. This designation is given to the person that time deems to be the most influential or notable individual in any given year. Despite Trump's woeful lack of experience and inflammatory rhetoric, his ability to beat the political established should be noted.

  • It was the event.

    Nobody thought that Trump could win the Presidency. They thought that Clinton would win by a landslide. But Trump had a plan. He took his message directly to the people. Even Obama made fun of Trump and said that he couldn't win. Trump's winning was the big upset of the year.

  • No he does not.

    No, he doesn't deserve this distinction. Trump got into the presidency through lies, threats, and immense deceit. He tapped into anger and hate to gain supporters. He's created division in our nation and has given rise to fear. And to him, it's all one big game. He does not deserve to be Person of the Year.

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