Does Donald Trump have the temperament and the know how to handle Presidential responsibilities?

  • He's the anti-Obama

    If you really look at Donald Trump you will see that he is a strong leader, everything he has done during this election says he is a no-nonsense man. He's not willing to roll on his belly to avoid "offending" people like Obama is. Trump is not the standard president, that much is clear. He is obviously more crude and bombastic, however I don't view that as a bad thing. To me that shows he's human and not afraid to back down when people point out that behavior. Donald Trump is a man fit to be president and more importantly a strong leader who isn't going to appease foreign institutions and governments.

  • Yes and here is why.

    He's got balls. Agree or disagree with him, it's something a good president needs. Instead of all the yadadadada he just walk in going 'how about we build a wall?!'. Donald Trump may or may not make good decisions (I have faith in him) but he's got the determination to to get the job done and speaks his mind instead of bennding over to political correctness and the oppressiion of free speech.

  • He does, but not in the way one would want to expect it.

    "Presidential responsibilities" include keeping America a prosperous country and an international police superpower. Also, in order to analyze how government is run, it is important to consider how the political and economical system will affect each other. Donald Trump is pro-capitalist, and so were many of the presidents before him. Therefore, he may know how to run America under the corruption of money, where the rich stay rich, the poor stay poor, and the gap between the middle class and the top 1% stay significantly large. Of course there will be changes within America, but will there be changes to the status quo itself? Analyzing foreign policy, the War on Terror will surely continue with xenophobia and racism running rampant within America. Also, there may be an underlying motive for oil in order to raise profit for the oil industry of the United States. Trump definitely has what it takes to be the President. However, we do not know for sure what will happen in the next four years because he has little to no experience with government. He may be the least suited to be president, but that does not mean that America will substantially change under him. It shows how many Americans with the right to vote lose their right without doing anything wrong or not exercise their right by not voting at all. It also shows how many Americans outside of California, New York, and other highly democratic states believed in Trump's campaign rhetoric, revealing many of America's true colors in the present day.

  • He has calmed down.

    Other than the fact that he cannot control himself on Twitter, Trump has shown that he will calm down and be the President for all of the people. Trump has made it clear that he plans to focus on economic issues. He does not want to be socially controversial, and this will be the right temperament.

  • Donald Trump more capable than his enemies want to admit

    Donald Trump said some very controversial things during the presidential campaign, as many candidates do. He said what he felt would help him get elected and no as he takes office, he has adopted a more inclusive and rational tone. Trump has decades of experience negotiating deals both domestic and internationally.

  • Trump is a whiny child

    At no point of this election have I ever thought Donald Trump could handle the duties of being president. He is childish, throws tantrums, is a sore loser AND a sore winner, and can't stop talking about himself. Trump is just a real-life online troll that somehow came along at the perfect time to ride the anti-establishment sentiment in the country.

  • The president is a figurehead more than anything.

    The president does not write legislation. His executive orders can be vetoed by congress. He is a figurehead for the nation, with very little actual power in anything besides influence, and that is something Donald Trump seems to misunderstand. His words have the power to move the economy and dictate the future of US Diplomatic relations. Some people claim that he has toned down his rhetoric since being elected. Let's take a look at that, shall we?

    Shortly after his election, China took a US ROV from international waters. The President Elect tweeted his disapproval. When they announced they would be returning the UAV, he tweeted again that they could keep it. The equivalent of a five year old whose toy is taken away, and when they get it back they insist they "don't want it back anymore" because they think that makes them look smart.

    Or how about the way he's reacted to the election that he won? Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, and he the Electoral Vote. He won the election. And yet for the next few weeks, he incessantly tweeted about how he could have won the popular vote "if he wanted to". How's that for presidential? He's not just a sore loser, he's a sore winner.

    To those who think he only talked the way he did and said the things he said for the election, take a look at what he was saying before he ran for office. He said Obama was not a US Citizen. He bragged about his IQ being one of the highest (come on). He once said, "it doesn't matter what they write as long as you've got a young and beautiful piece of ass". He was an anti-vaxxer.

    My point is that the man has no filter on his mouth, and even forgetting the fact that he has never held public office and lacks experience, that alone should prove that he lacks the temperament to hold the nation's highest office.

  • Not in the slightest

    Donald Trump does not seem at all like someone who is prepared to be President. He consistently cannot let anything in the slightest go without chiming in. Seriously, this is a man who thought it was imperative to talk about whether Bill Clinton phoned him or he phoned Bill Clinton in a tweet. This man didn't even have a clue about what kind of relationship Taiwan has with China, nor did he understand the current US position on Pakistan. He's completely upending decades of US Foreign Policy without having a clue to go about making a shift in those departments. This is a man who doesn't seem to have major solid convictions on any issue (say what you wants about Mike Pence, but at least I know where he stands), he seems completely and utterly erratic and is flying by the seat of his pants on almost every issue. He's a paper tiger who growls loudly but his beliefs are not grounded in reality.

  • Not at all

    Donald Trump is probably the least-suited of all the candidates in the 2016 election cycle to be President. He has no real knowledge of foreign affairs, security, or general politics. He is a businessman, and not a very good one. He only cares about money. His temperament is another thing. He cannot handle people scrutinizing him or criticising him, and it shows when he takes to Twitter. It's only going to get worse, and I really don't think he is equipped to handle it.

  • Middle school antics

    Donald Trump has shown himself to be a bully, a narcissist, thin-skinned, petty, whiny and more interested in promoting himself than in bettering the lives of all Americans...He is using the electorate to further his own selfish goals. He has won the nation's highest office by misleading the voters. Unfortunately, we will all pay for this.

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