Does Donald Trump ignore the scientific evidence of climate change in order to justify his own economic agenda?

  • With Rex Tillerson as secretary of state and his eagerness to warm ties with Russia; this is exactly the case.

    Trump has set his whole candidacy up on the promise to invest in infrastructure and create jobs. One way of doing this is by removing regulations and let the energy sector run wild both at home and abroad. This plan would be wise except that the globe is warming, and it can cause worldwide destruction. I think this is exactly the reason he has put global warming on the back burner for the time being.

  • Yes, Donald Trump ignores scientific evidence to justify his own agenda.

    Donald Trump has no qualms with denying blatant facts to further his agenda and bolster his ego. He claims to be a Christian in order to gain trust from evangelicals, and in the same light turns a blind eye to the devastating effects of climate change, which most scientists agree in an imperative issue.

  • That is exactly what he is doing

    Donald Trump is only pretending to not believe in climate change. He cannot truly ignore all of the scientific data that is out there. Climate change is very real, and very harmful. Trump doesn't care. He only wants to make money for him and his cronies. Environmental rules and regulations hinder this profit, so he chooses to ignore and deny scientific proof.

  • There is no evidence.

    There are a lot of people who don't think climate change is caused by man or human efforts. Recently, a few hundred meteorologists signed a petition that they didn't think climate change was real. There is still a lot of debate to be had on the matter, and Trump shouldn't back out of his agenda over things that aren't proven.

  • Maybe he thinks it won't work

    There's a large reach between "climate change is happening" and "if we give government more power and control, they can fix climate change." As most problems in the world, the little people are the ones working on real solutions while the government holds meetings and debates how much money to take from the taxpayers for the "service."

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