• Very much so.

    Donald Trump has shocked the world with his presidential win and even with his few days as president so far. Just like he hounded for Barack Obama's birth certificate, I feel like we must see his tax returns. I mean what goes around comes around and now it is time for Donald Trump to go under the microscope because it seems to me like he is the shadiest character to ever grace the White House, giving Richard Nixon a run for his money.

  • Yes, like all United States Presidents, Donald Trump must be investigated continually.

    The US President can't even take a whiz in the morning without someone investigating.Every minute detail of his life (past and present) is known already, and as he becomes better known to investigators, they learn even more about what he's likely to do. We may not ever know all the pissy, shady things he's done (because some impact classified matters), but investigators have access to information all the way down to a President's DNA.

  • No, he does not need to be investigated.

    President Trump does not need to be investigated at this time. His presidency has just begun and he has not even done anything yet. Save the political capital investigations take for a later time when something warrants a further look. The American public often grows weary of constant congressional investigations.

  • He is the President.

    No, Donald Trump doesn't need to be investigated, because today, people expect a certain amount of shady from their politicians. Hillary Clinton certainly had a lot of shady things going on, even including a pay for play scheme with her charity. Trump won the election and he should be allowed to get to work.

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