Does Donald Trump realize that the Constitution of the United States applies to him too?

  • Yes, and his advisers know that too.

    Of course Donald Trump Knows that the constitution applies to him too, what he is doing is playing with emotions of people as he has always done. Some of the promises he has made will not come to pass because they are either unconstitutional or he lacks power to fulfill them.

  • Yes, he realizes this.

    Yes, President Trump realizes the constitution applies to him too. The same might have been asked about President Obama. A president's opposition always claims that the constitution is being violated. None of Trump's executive orders have violated the constitution. None of his proposed laws will likely violate the constitution either.

  • He talks about it.

    Trump talks about the great Constitution of the United States. He talks about wanting to make America work for the people of the United States, not the other way around. Trump know that there are things he can't do. That's why he needs to work to have the support of the legislature.

  • It does not unless congress says otherwise.

    Our system of checks and balances requires the judiciary to pass judgement on the laws and constitution and congress to hold the president accountable to them(laws and constitution). If congress chooses not to hold the president accountable to the constitution/law then it no longer applies because it is unenforceable.

    Thanks to the extreme partisanship in politics today I have no doubt that congress will overlook Trump unless his base wakes up from their alternative world filled with 'alternative facts'.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    Trump has said that the president is exempted from the federal conflicts of interest regulations that usually bind elected officials — and he’s right about that.
    But that answer misses another big barrier presented by Trump’s clinging to a sprawling business empire: that it will directly violate the Constitution. The Constitution says that no elected official can take an “emolument” of “any kind whatever” from a king, prince, or foreign state. The restriction, known as “the Emoluments Clause,” is intended to prevent political officials from receiving gifts from foreign governments. Trump is putting himself on a course to do exactly that. The president-elect rode to office promising to “drain the swamp” and tamp down on corruption in And unless the Republican Party wants to do something about it, there’s basically nothing standing in his way. Washington, DC. At least in the eyes of legal scholars, he instead looks poised to begin his presidency by breaking the highest law of the land for private gain.

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