• Trump Violates Geneva Conventions and First Amendment

    The Geneva Conventions dictate the handling of humanitarian issues, such as dealing with prisoners of war and civilians. However, it deals with non-citizen/foreign people of this nature. Trump's ban on Muslims would not only interfere with the Conventions' protocol for foreign Muslims in America, but when it comes to Muslim-Americans, directly and indisputably conflicts with the First Amendment.

  • Trump is a idiot

    Republicans need to grow a pair and do whats right for our country and sand up to him. This is unbelievable that they are letting him do this to our great country. If they stay slient things will only get wosrt because slience emboldens him. SHAME on them, SHAME on us all.

  • Yes, you cannot just "ban" a group of people.

    Yes, we need to remember that the United States is made of immigrants. I understand that these are concerning times and that everyone is worried for the safety of this country, but is is completely unethical not to allow a certain group of people into a country. We must stay forgiving.

  • No, the Geneva convention does not state that it's illegal to ban a certain group from entering your country.

    The US has a law that allows the President to ban certain groups from coming into the country. This is because it's something that can directly influence the nations culture and safety.
    Temporarily suspending Muslim immigration seems like a sensible thing to do because at the moment the US is at a war with certain branches of Islam, and letting people from those regions enter the country is no different from inviting ISIS over.
    As long as the US keeps protecting its strategical interests (oil) by destabilizing the Middle-East and overthrowing secular governments it can't afford to let Muslims in...........If someone burned your house down and then expected you to be thankful for being invited into his house , would you like them? It's ridiculous!

  • Geneva convention does not officially ban Muslims but it still immoral

    The Geneva convention does not state that a ban on Muslims is illegal however the notion that banning a group of people based on their religious beliefs is very immoral and does not render the US safer against terrorism. It can backfire and play in the hands of the terrorists.

  • While Trump's ban on Muslims is unethical and impossible, it does not technically violate the Geneva Connection.

    The Geneva Connection is legislation that deals with the treatment of Prisoners of War, Civilians and wounded soldiers during the time of armed conflict. It was designed to protect Prisoners of War from abuse and torture, as well as provide assistance for wounded soldiers during times of war. Though we have soliders overseas, we are not techincally involved in an armed conlfict on the homefront, so the paramters of the Geneva Connections to do apply to our current situation.

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