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Does Donald Trump's presidency constitute apocalypse in American politics?

  • Yes, I think so.

    We know from recent history what Republicans mean when they say, in effect, “elect us or there will be gridlock”: They mean they will paralyze government unless they control it all. GOP nominee Donald Trump has promised to jail his opponent Hillary Clinton if he becomes president. With macabre consistency, he and his allies let slip fantasies in which she is murdered or executed. They have recruited the FBI to influence the election, and the FBI has accepted the invitation. Trump has asked mobs of his supporters, many of them white nationalists and armed reactionaries, to flood urban precincts and intimidate minority voters, whom he’s accused of participating in a global scheme to steal the election.

  • Trump's presidency does not constitute apocalypse

    The apocalypse in American politics happened around 20 years ago. Trump's presidency is merely one result of it. Late in the Clinton years, the republican party made a conscious choice to use smears and disinformation (lies) to berate their opponents. The propaganda machine went into overdrive during the GW Bush administration and hit new lows during the Obama years.

  • No it does not.

    President Trump does not constitute apocalypse in American politics. Yes, his election is a seismic shift in American politics. Furthermore, Trump took down two political dynasties in his run for office: Bush and Clinton. However, Trump's presidency in and of itself does not mean that America will face an apocalypse.

  • He will do a good job.

    Trump is a good thing for American politics. It used to be that in order to win the White House, you had to be a political elite. You had to be either famous for being a career politicians, or you had to be a five-star military general. For Trump, though, he is not the political elite. This means anyone can be president today.

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