• Give him some slack

    Why is this 100% no? I dont know what this is about so Im just defending the 0% of people who chose this. Just say he does someone. This isn't a debate unless someone argues for yes so thats what I'm doing. At least someone should argue for this side so it is a debate. It may not be true, but just argue for it. This is on debate.Org so it should be a debate. That's what I'm doing. Making it a debate.

  • What's to fear?

    I made this opinion because of this 'debate'


    I was appalled by the use of the debate feature, and I wanted to put the topic where it belongs, in the opinion section so that Anti-atheist can get some legitimate feedback.

    I feel that Anti-atheist should not be feared by anyone because he's just a random 101 year old man who claims that the world is biased against him if he loses anything.

  • Agreed with imabench.

    No one could fear him, there is no reason to. I actually observed the debates imabench had with Anti and, just like imabench said, he beat him. Without doubt. No one has any reason to fear Anti, or anyone else on this site, because it is pointless. Nothing is gained from being feared or fearing on a website because there is no fight or flight response needed on a website.

    By the way "Does doubter fear* Anti-atheist".

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