Does drinking a cup of coffee in the morning make a difference in your activity level throughout the day?

  • Yes it does!

    I love coffee! It makes me a much nicer person in the morning and helps me wake up the right way. I think it really helps with my level of activity throughout the day. I'd be one sad panda if I didnt have a cup of coffee in the morning, it just really makes my day so much better.

  • Coffee Starts my life!

    I begin to drink coffee since I enter high school. Everyday I need to sleep at 12 a.M and wake at 6 a.M . Sometimes I just sleep for 3-4 hours. I try not to drink any coffee because I think that coffee worse my health. As the result, I was scolded by my teacher for sleeping in the class. It was a very embarrassing moment. For the first time in my life, I was being scolded for sleeping in the class. So I start to believed that only coffee can help me. The next day, I drink a cup of coffee in the morning before school. As the result, I could stand a whole day without feel sleepy. So I believed that drinking a cup of coffee in the morning make a difference in my activity throughout the day.

  • Yes! Coffee Everyday.

    I've been an avid coffee drinker for 20 years and find that a morning cup of coffee is more than just the effects of caffeine to help motivate me to start the day. The smell of a freshly brewed cup and warm taste help awaken me and keeps me going for those first few hours of struggle as a non-morning person. As the year's have passed, I've cut back or forego the afternoon or evening consumption, but can't and probably never will be able give up that first cup of coffee in the morning.

  • daily activity coffee

    Yes I do think that what you drink as well as eat makes a difference in your performance and mood and such. When you drink coffee that has things like sugar and caffeine in it, it can have a negative effect on a persons body. That is why the only thing I drink is water.

  • Love the taste, no effect.

    I drink coffee everyday, in fact, I am about to drink a latte. I very much enjoy coffee weather cold or hot. But, I find that I do not get a energetic boost when I drink it, nor do I feel sluggish when I do not. I have found that caffeine does not seem to effect me. Maybe because I have built up a tolerance, but who knows.

  • I Really Doubt It

    For the average person a cup of coffee will not make a difference in your activity level throughout the day. The only way this would be true is if you are used to a consistent intake of caffeine. In this case, if you miss the caffeine (ie. don't drink your cup of coffee) then you'll probably have headaches from withdraw which could cut down on your activity level throughout the day.

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