Does driving a V8 get you more respect than driving a V6?

Asked by: Scroderunner
  • V8's get more respect.

    I have a Miata two Corvetste. I always get pushed around in my Miata. When I'm in one of my Corvettes it's a lot different. One is a classic and I'm always driving slow. In my Miata I'm more respectful but people are still rude to me. Maybe it's where I'm from, too. They are pretty rude in Florida.

  • Respect is earned, not merely gained by what you drive.

    I do not believe respect should be given purely off the number of cylinders one has in their vehicle. For example a Dodge Ram 1500 could easily light up a straightaway and explode off the line, but a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution can swerve in and out of traffic, flying around corners. I believe the respect issue comes more from the driver than from the vehicle. Anyone can throw down some money to buy a nice car, but that doesn't give them the respect of being a good driver.

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DudeStop says2014-01-15T21:22:44.167
Could've had a V8