• Yes drugs do cause crime

    Drugs do cause crime why do you think many drugs are illegal. Because hen you take drugs it messes with your head and you go crazy. Drugs messes up your brain every time you take it in. Even though people say "oh no this drug is not harmful" YES it is but you don't know it cause it's happening horrible things in your head. Thins you can't replace. Just know it causes crime and you're a person who is crazy and thinks drugs are cool but in reality you're just the crazy dude talking to yourself in an alley way. Only crazy people who do drugs will say "no it does not cause crime" they already crazy so don't listen to them.

  • How could it not?

    Look at high schools, all the kids that do drugs are the kids with atrocious grades that either end up dropping out or graduating and not going to college. They sugar coat it by saying oh if you're not going to college that's okay you're just choosing an alternative path. NO, you're just a bum and a failure unless u have a legitimate reason like your family needs you to work. All these kids do drugs and keep doing them and hang out with other kids that do them and then they all engage in crimes and illegal activities and join gangs and get tattoos. Yes and by the way tattoos are filthy, indecent, and disgusting, they're not art they're just for low class people with no sense of decency. All the drug users then end up doing drugs, committing crimes, and going to jail for one if not both. SO YES DRUGS, POVERTY, AND CRIME ARE DIRECTLY RELATED, they go together better than milk and cookies.

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