Does each generation get more (yes) or less (no) intelligent than the ones before it?

  • Young people are exposed to more & more

    I do think each generation tends to get a little more smart and generally intelligent than the next because younger people these days are exposed to so much more information and knowledge then they were before. I also think younger people are smart financially then before because of today's economy.

  • Each generation does get more intelligent than the generation before it.

    Each generation can be seen as more intelligent than the one before it because each generation must not only learn its own technology but must also retain most of the knowledge from the previous generation.For exam[le.the computer generation must not only learn about computers but they also have to communicate.

  • I think that each generation gets more intelligent than the one before it.

    I think that each generation gets more intelligent than the
    one before it. Technology is moving so
    fast that future generations have to be more intelligent because they will have
    more technology to deal with. A few
    generations ago, the internet didn’t even exist. Now we use it for every single part of life.

  • Obviously, progressive generations become less intelligent in all areas.

    Due to the ''civilized'' belief that everyone deserves a chance at life no matter the person in question, intellect is no longer required to survive, as those with intelligence are protecting them. The genetics that result in intellect and intuitiveness are slowly being bred out of the gene pool, causing a majority of people to become less and less intelligent as time goes on. Now, that isn't to say that intelligent people are being born still, but average intelligence is dropping.

  • I think neither

    I think that if I had to choose, I think that each generation gets less intelligent than the one before. I think for a time, each generation was becoming more intelligent. We were progressing as humans. Inventing new things and learning about the things around us. At some point that stopped being the case. No longer do we become smarter than previous generations. We have peaked.

  • We're all the same, at the same times.

    Every generation criticizes the ones that come after it for being less intelligent, less motivated, less everything. The fact of the matter is that we're pretty much all at the same points at the same times in our lives. We're just in denial that we were ever that young, that rash, that uninformed.

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