• Eating carrots improved my sight.

    Eating carrots improved my eyesight. It didn’t happen overnight, but over time and
    consistent use, I noticed a definite improvement. This is only anecdotal, and I have never done
    a scientific survey. Also, I was trying
    to experiment with vegetarianism during this time, so I may not be able to say
    that it was only the carrots.

  • No, carrots have no effect on eyesight.

    It has been proven by scientists that carrots do not help improve eyesight. This is basically an old wives' tale, often said by moms to kids who are refusing to eat their vegetables. That being said, what makes them orange (beta-carotene) is good for you and for your general eye health. Eating any vegetables is certainly something healthy, even if it won't help you not have to wear your glasses!

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