• Yes, eating chocolate keeps people slimmer

    A claim has recently come out alleging that eating chocolate keeps people at a healthy weight. I agree with this claim. When people are allowed to enjoy chocolate in moderation, it means that they are not letting it control their lives or their diet. As a result, they will maintain a good figure.

  • Yes, chocolate can keep people slimmer

    Yes, chocolate can keep people slimmer, but not necessarily because of any particular health benefit. Media tend to promote this nutrient or that for weight loss, but really the only answers are variety and moderation. Choosing to eat chocolate or any other enjoyable food prevents people from feeling deprived by a diet.

  • No, eating chocolate is unhealthy as it is fatty and contains lots of sugar.

    No, eating chocolate is not positive for staying slim. It is high in fat and sugar, two things that are directly adverse to weight loss. One can argue that using chocolate as a reward for eating healthy foods makes it easy to stay on track with a diet, but chocolate itself is not a positive influence on a healthy body.

  • No, chocolate does not make people slimmer.

    No, chocolate will not make you slim. Chocolate does have health benefits but it depends on the quality and cacao percentage, the darker you go the better it is for you. Milk chocolate is unhealthy, full of sugar, and possibly the most bought chocolate. Another thing to consider is that the consumption of chocolate often encourages one to eat other unhealthy things along with it.

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