• Actual links biologically

    Biological basis for the idea that sugar causes cancer is actually fairly strong, and is, in some cases, actually stronger than the issues with obesity. A massive amount of sugar in the body is metabolized but leaves a lot of waste structures which interfere in the replication of cells, potentially leading to cancer.

  • Thats what they say

    According to new studies, sugar increases peoples chances of liver cancer, prostate cancer, and other types of cancer. This really is nothing new if you follow the trends of all the things that are bad for you. At some point, we are really going to starve ourselves because everything seems to be bad for us.

  • No, eating more sugar does not cause cancer.

    There is no concrete proof that simpy eating more sugar will cause cancer. But I do think that eating more sugar isn't exactly the healthiest thing a person can do for their appearance or weight. There are many other problems that can be caused by eating a lot of sugar though.

  • No, there is no proof that eating sugar causes cancer.

    While this issue is debated in the medical community the general consensus and my belief is that eating sugar does not necessarily give you any more risk of getting cancer as opposed to not eating sugar at all, eating large amounts of sugar can lead to other health problem which you need to be mindful of.

  • Not at all

    No, I do not think that eating sugar is a cause of cancer at all. I think that eating to much sugar gets you a lot of health problems, like a high chance of heart disease and diabetes, but it will not make you catch any type of a cancer.

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