Does economic change depend on culture and society?

  • Yes, no sort of change happens by itself

    Economic change is inextricably linked to social and cultural progress. It occurs in a vacuum no more than society or culture changes independent of economics. The last several hundred years offer incontrovertible proof that free, individualistic societies, and those rich in cultural output, tend to also be societies and cultures possessing strong economies and vast wealth.

  • Unequivocally, yes.

    When we examine what the economy actually is, we must eventually recognize it as a social construct. The modern financial system is a collective fantasy designed to facilitate trade. To be sure, this fantasy is an incredibly useful one; the symbolic use of a abstraction (money) to represent value makes a consumer society practical and even encourages the specialization of skills upon which technological innovation is grounded. None the less, the world economy is a cultural phenomenon. This classification of the economy can be understood with a simple hypothetical. Suppose that tomorrow everyone lost faith in abstract currency and decided to return to bartering. That decision would clearly be a cultural one, but it would also radically alter the state of the economy. Because any economic system, and the notions of value at its core, are cultural, economic changes must necessarily be predicated on social ones.

  • Yes I believe it does effect economic change.

    Culture affects everything about a country in one way or another by being the driving force behind all that people do. The products they buy, the work they do, and the ways they use and spend money are all driven by their culture. So for this reason I think it has a direct and indirect effect on the economy of any country in the world.

  • No, economic change has nothing to do with culture and society.

    Perhaps the most frustrating topic to discuss with people is the economy. This is because no one looks at the origin of money. Where is it coming from? Who controls it? Money is literally printed from nothing. Loans are given out by creating new money from thin air, with the interest being money the bank earns from the fake money it invented. Once you realize this truth you come to wonder, who is controlling this? That would be the World Banks, who do not have to abide to any national or international law. They control themselves. They decide when and why to create money and how much is currently circulating.

    Our culture and society cannot affect the economy. Only the amount of money being printed, along with the amount of money in circulation, can control the economic future.

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