• Yes he's hilarious!

    He's a star, he's hilarious, he's successful, and his role as Al Bundy made him a TV lower middle-class icon. Grew up in the 80s and 90's? You know who this man is. Nostalgia beside honey I shrunk the kids is watching the Little Giants kick his team the Cowboys butt. Go find it!!

  • Yes, I think so.

    I remember one of his first Series. He played a Detective "POPEYE". Excellent show but it didn't get the ratings. I've been watching this guy half my childhood and most of my adult life. "Married..." got me thru a lot of rough times w/its laughter. and now he's doing it again with another awesome ensemble cast! congrats Ed!

  • He is a good actor.

    Ed O' Neill has been entertaining television audiences ever since the late 80s with his wonderful show Married with Children. Some people may consider that show trash but is a hilarious show that featured some great talent and introduced the world to the comedy genius of Ed O' Neill. Nobody could make a male chauvinist pig look as cool and funny as he could and now he has reinvented himself on his new show Modern Family where he is adding even more laughs to television and so he very much so deserves his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. But on a side note I find it very upsetting that Carrie Fisher didn't have one before she died.

  • He was famous for years.

    Yes, he deserves his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, because he is an iconic actor. His role on Married With Children was legendary. The comedy inspired and defined a generation. Some stars are known for many roles and other stars did so well with one role that they are a star just for that.

  • Yes, Ed O'Neill deserves his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

    Yes, Ed O'Neill deserves his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He has starred in two hit sit-coms that were hugely successful and his roles have become iconic. Everyone knows about Al Bundy. His character was one of the main attractions for the show, Married with Children. Modern Family has also been huge.

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