• There are many jobless graduates.

    A college degree does not necessarily guarantee success, especially
    with the current downturn in the economy.
    There are many factors which determine success. It is important to pick a good major which
    will have good employment opportunities.
    It’s important to study hard and not cheat in school so that students
    can master their crafts. And It’s important
    to keep your nose clean and stay away from drugs and crime. Doing the right thing will make anyone more

  • Only person with education and skills can success in life

    Education alone cannot guarantee success in life.It must be followed by skills.Education is knowledge while skill is application.One need to have both to success in life.For example in job prospect,when you enter an interview,the interviewers first will look at both of your skills and education.If you have good grades,well resume,but you do not have well speaking skills, cannot overcome your nervousness,cannot answer their questions well,and you cannot assured them about your abilities,do you think they will accept you?One with only academic education surely cannot survive in the real working world.Today is dog-eats-dog world,where survival of the fittest starts.It is worth to have both education and skills.

  • No, hard work is critical.

    No, education alone does not guarantee success in life, because hard work and work ethic is far more important than formal education. Many of America's greatest success stories have little education. It is more important that a person learn how to work, and learn how to learn while they are working, than they have a formal education.

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