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  • Education is vitamin for the mind.

    Just like any other vitamin that is needed to keep the body and the mind healthy so does education plays the same role as vitamin. Just as an athlete needs to keep on practicing to keep himself or herself at the personal best, One needs to keep on educating himself or herself.

  • Education is Everywhere

    Education does not end in the classroom. Education is a continuous, life long process. Outside the school's walls, students continue to learn from friends, parents, and their environment. Likewise, once people have graduated or left school, they continue learning at their jobs, as members of society, and through relationships that develop over the course of one's life.

  • It is the parents.

    No, education does not end in the classroom, because education has far more to do with the parents than it does the children. Education should not just be up to the teacher, because the parents are the strongest role model for children, and they have to be able to have input, more than a government teacher.

  • Education never ends

    Education is a life long endeavor and should never end in a classroom. The world around us is a vast resource for learning and everyone should be expanding their knowledge daily. If the classroom is seen as the only place for education, we are missing out on a large array of opportunities.

  • No It Doesn't

    I do not believe education ends in the classroom. I am thirty years old and I learn something new almost every day of the week. Attending college in my late twenties, I found I learned more outside of the classroom via homework and projects than I ever did inside the classroom.

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