Does education occur exclusively in the classroom today?

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  • School does not teach us essential education

    We have reached a point in time where we don't value school like we used to. School does not teach us what to do afterwards. We spend 12-13 years of our lives in school, For what? Those years are suppose to build you and prepare you for independencey and how to survive the real world. Even during school, We have to figure out a way on how or what we do with our lives. We have all these questions that are not being answered because school does not deal with those aspects of life. We have to go find those answers else where.

  • No: Education Does Not Occur Exclusively in the Classroom

    Primary education educates children in how to reproduce expected results. It does not provide the skills people need to live, to make informed decisions, or to understand the world around them. Education, therefore, primarily happens outside of the classroom, when individuals either choose to learn new things, or when they teach others what they have learned from their experience.

  • No, most learning takes place outside a classroom

    Most education takes place in the home and it real life. The lessons taught by the actions an words of children’s primary caregivers at home stay with a child more than anything taught in school. People are social beings and learn more form the experience they have with their friends and peers.

  • The Internet makes it possible to receive education anywhere.

    Thanks to the Internet, people now have a world of resources and information at there fingertips. A person can learn about almost anything, if they are willing to take the time to do so. Wireless networks, laptops, and mobile phones have made the Internet accessible almost anywhere you go. This means that more and more education is taking place outside of the classroom.

  • Education takes place in many places outside the classroom.

    Education has always taken place outside of the classroom. Parents are our first teachers and they continue to be our teachers throughout our lives. Now that we have the computer and the internet, learning takes place outside the classroom regularly. Knowledge is at our fingertips. The only requirement is a desire to learn.

  • It Never Has

    I do not believe education only occurs in a classroom. I believe people learn outside of classrooms and in daily life. I believe a person continues to learn far after school and into adulthood. At 30 I'm constantly learning new things and I haven't been in a classroom for years.

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