• Education has saved lives

    In our generation, we have been given the gift of proper education. This tool we have been given has shaped our society in ways we cannot even imagine. Without the education we have today, we wouldn't have doctors, nurses, technicians, mechanics, or first responders. This educational advance has saved lives in many ways you couldn't even think of. So in conclusion, education has shaped our society because it has provided us with the medical advancements we need and has opened up many new doors to our children's futures.

  • Education does shape society

    Education shows us the path of knowledge and how to form yourself as an individual. It gives you a chance to experience knew thing and learn subjects that are necessary for the future. The one thing we need in life is to be taught at a young age as much as possible while our minds are fresh, that is exactly what education does for us.

  • To an extent yes, education shapes it

    When you're all taught similar things, you all start from a similar mentality. Some care more than others, some understand things better, but everybody has that same general "___ is good, ___ is bad" and so on way of looking at things. That's why it's important to remember our children are always learning, they can be "educated" in a pretty unsavory way if they're growing up in a bad environment.

  • Education is the Future of Society

    Education shapes future society because children are the future. Since children spend many of their waking hours in school, participating in extra-curricular activities and doing homework, the educational system has a huge impact on their lives, arguably equal to or even greater than the impact that family life can have. As these children enter the adult world, they will reshape society based on what they learned in school.

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