Does Edward O'Donnell deserve $57.6 million for exposing fraudulent activity at Countrywide Financial?

  • Yes, whistle-blowers deserve compensation.

    Yes the $57.5 million dollars that Edward O'Donnell has been awarded is fair payment for his contribution to exposing the fraudulent activity at Countrywide Financial. Whistle-blowers take a significant personal risk when they publicise corruption involving their current or former employers. O'Donnell's action in this case held white collar criminals accountable for actions that effected a great many average citizens and his compensation is justified.

  • Percentage of Savings Perhaps?

    While those who expose fraud and corruption deserve to be compensated, and 'bonused' perhaps, let's not forget how much money was lost by people because of Countrywide. In fact, the total losses is probably not measurable since we will never know how many people made loan decisions based on what they were told by Countrywide. There should some benefit to helping expose fraud, but this is just too much.

  • Edward O'Donnell does not deserve $57.6 million for exposing fraudulent activity.

    Yes, whistleblowers should get rewarded when they expose fraudulent activity, but it should never be over $1 million. The case where Edward O'Donnell is going to receive $57.6 million is ridiculous. With people starving daily, no one deserves that much money for simply uncovering illegal activity by a financial organization.

  • Um what? NO

    Wow, that is a lot of money! I mean sure he probably deserves to be compensated, but THAT much? That is insanity! What did he do, become paralyzed? Risk his life? Did he do something that made it impossible for him to ever lift a finger again? No? I didn't think so.

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