Does Edward Snowden deserve clemency for exposing the invasive surveillance of the NSA?

Asked by: ndedo
  • Snowden should be exonerated.

    Though I do not approve fully of his methods, I strongly support Edward Snowden. I believe the discussion he was spurred is part and parcel of the democratic systems the founders envisioned -- hence why the "press" is the only institution enshrined in the Constitution. Even if I supported the NSA's surveillance programs -- and to be clear, I don't support them in their current breadth -- we should have knowledge of what our government is doing. The case that "Bush started Prisma, and therefore Obama bears no blame" is laughable; he ran against this type of surveillance -- in fact, he ran against the Patriot Act in 2008, which is a watered down version of the NSA revelations, and even the author thereof has condemned these actions.

  • He is a Hero

    Privacy is the most important right which every single person on earth should be allowed to have. The US is slowly stripping away the rights of there people, which is a crime against there people. Revealing a crime is not a crime therefore what Snowden did was not an act of a traitor but an act of a hero.
    When they start taking away privacy where does it end. Before we know it we all live in a world where we can't have a thought without it being known by the dictators in Congress and the White House, and what is going to stop them when they have a dominance on violence from taking away our First Amendment and beginning to take people away from speaking out against the higher powers.
    Snowden is a Hero of the truth and he has helped us learn of what they are doing before it is to late

  • Snowden should be honored, not prosecuted.

    He exposed the illegal actions of an out-of-control government agency and is now on the run for his actions from the same government. Some still say that there were other avenues through which he could have dealt with the problem without going straight to the media. President Obama even claimed that Snowden would have been protected from retribution under a recent executive order, but that order only applied to intelligence employees, not contractors. He even reported the invasions of privacy to his superiors and was ignored. It's time to realize that he's done a great service to his country and to welcome him back home rather than keep him in exile.

  • Edward Snowden for president

    I have yet to hear any actual, factual evidence that the information that Snowden leaked in any serious way compromised national security. I say that we need a government that does not fear being transparent with it's populace. I recently read a quote, wish I could remember who or where, I want to live in a country where the government fears it's citizens, not the other war around.

  • He betrayed the U.S. government, not the U.S. people

    Edward Snowden is a hero. He never committed a crime; the NSA and the government backing them committed the crime. They do not have the right to involuntarily view our information which we disclosed under the assumption that no one else was viewing. It is a disgusting act of authoritarianism. The US government has simply become too big.

  • Edward Snowden Guilty of Nothing

    Edward Snowden does deserve clemency for revealing the NSA's spying programs. There's no reason the United States should illegally spy on its own citizens no matter the reasons. Therefore, Snowden should be granted clemency because he did the American people a service by showing them what the governmen is up to.

  • An American Hero

    Snowden gave America and the world, the Truth...At the expense of his own life. Snowden did not betray America just the corrupt Officials in Washington. I wish there were more like Snowden! Funny how we continue to seek out the Robin Hoods in each generation. You know, the bandit that was hunted for telling the truth and helping the innocent and poor. The one we all celebrate as a hero, now? The Obama's, Bush's, Cheney's, Rice, Clinton's on and on and on cannot hold a honorable stick to Snowden. That is truly sad!

  • Clemency for treason?

    Snowden and our media give out way too much information to the masses. The NSA is listening in on my calls and checking my emails? Oh no, now they know I'm a huge fan of blockbuster movies and love my fiance. This is a terrible invasion of my privacy? Wait, what are we talking about? If they prevent terrorists and criminals from committing their crimes even one time, then this "invasion" is worth it. Imagine if they had invaded a call pre-9/11 between two of the conspirators. They would still have been criticized because we could then not be able to imagine that kind of disaster. We live in the United States and don't have to worry about getting on a bus and having it explode everyday. Other countries live in constant fear. However, we have agencies like the NSA doing surveillance to prevent us from getting to this point and people are calling this an invasion of privacy. What a joke.

  • NO he doesn't deserve anything

    He was an attention seeking little sh*t that fell into a pretty damn good job with seemingly no credentials and made it through some serious background checks and blew all for his narcissism. He is a weasly little idiot and the US should be ashamed a military person was not in that job. That is what privatization gets you

  • He took an oath

    The facts are that to do the work he was doing requires a secrecy oath and he knew what would happen when he released that information. Is he a hero? Yes. Does he deserve clemency? No. When we make decisions based on facts we know we have to not expect a result other than we know will happen. Sad but true.

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