• Let him share it with Manning

    Certainly such a big leak of incriminating material from such a powerful superpower is worthy of the prize. But it ought to be shared with Manning as well, it would be a bit unfair to suggest that Manning is a lesser hero than Snowden. But the peace prize became a joke when Obama got it just for not being George Bush.

  • Yes he does

    Whistleblower Edward Snowden is being seen in the Moscow airport where he’s been holed up for weeks, in a video of him during a meeting with human rights activists, officials said.

    He told the group that he wants to be protected by a temporary asylum in Russia, but eventually he still wants to go to Latin America.

    Not accomplishing that goal probably would mean at some point he would be picked up and returned to the United States, where authorities are interested in discussing federal charges against him.

    According to NBC, Snowden emerged from hiding in the Russian airport Friday, making himself available for the first time since the latter part of June, when he arrived there from Hong Kong.

    He traveled to Hong Kong as the first of a series of his reports on clandestine operations by the U.S. National Security Agency was being leaked to media.

    Among other things, the reports said the NSA can, and has, collected data from millions of telephone users across the United States.

    In the brief video excerpt, he explains, “A little over one month ago, I had family, a home in paradise, and lived in great comfort. I also… had the capability, without any warrant of law, to search for, seize and read your communications. Anyone’s communications, at any time. That is the power to change people’s fates. It is also a serious violation of the law.”

    Snowden has been at Sheremetyevo Airport since June 23. Russian authorities say in that location, he technically hasn’t entered onto Russian soil. He has been seeking asylum from a number of countries.

    At last report, he had been offered asylum by three nations in Latin America, Ecuador, Bolivia and Venezuela. The trick, however, would be getting to those nations, because the U.S. Could force an airplane to the ground if it passes over U.S. Airspace, and he could be taken into custody.

    In an earlier statement that Snowden released, before his appearance, he said the U.S. Is running “an unlawful campaign … to deny my right to seek and enjoy this asylum.”

  • Freedom from tyranny starts with freedom of information

    Freedom of speech is essential to societal liberty. Transparency in government is essential in U.S., where "the people" are assigned the role of supervising their government. Snowden provided an essential service to the American people by provided proof of something long suspected - and long denied by government officials. He revealed nothing that any half-brained security risk wouldn't be concerned with eluding anyway, so I see the "damage" of his revelations of basically nil. What he damaged was the credibility of the U.S. Government, and that they earned.

    Posted by: dj21
  • I don't see any reason against it.

    His government was spying on it's citizens, invading their privacy, through technology. Nobody knew about this, and Edward made it public. And why's the government so pissed anyway? "Oh what's that? You went mad with power and tried to spy on your citizens, but it turned out not everyone in the NSA was soulless? Oh, and you're trying to act like he's a traitor, despite the fact that he took it upon himself to save the foundation of the very country you run?" Spare me.

  • He is a true hero!

    Edward is a great man! He risks his life and freedom to tell the truth to the American people. Also the leaders of countries that accepted Snowden are great people too. Something that you will rarely see from the powerful men. Also Snowden did not reveal important things to Russian and China, another reason I think he is a true man!

  • He is a great person!

    Edward Snowden is a great man. He risks his life and freedom to inform the US citizens of this corruption. He did not leak any important information to the other countries. Also the leaders of the countries that accepted Snowden are great good people, something rare that you will see in the high command.

  • He's a hero.

    The fact that he put his life on the line to ensure that the U.S. Government couldn't abuse its power is one of the most commendable acts in the past several years. It's such a shame that so many citizens are ungrateful of his sacrifice and don't even realize that two amendments from the constitution were broken because of this whole affair.

  • The definition of whistle blower

    Snowden gave up a comfortable life and is now hunted by the US gov. Now imagine for a second that instead of our USA it was Russia trying to catch someone from spilling the secrets of STASI-like mass surveillance programs - what would our opinion be then? In that alternate universe the Russians would say that these measures are necessary for the protection of innocent lives (Russia has had many deadly terrorist attacks in the past decade). Would be believe them? OF COURSE NOT!

    And that's why anyone who says Snowden isn't a hero is a goddamn hypocrite.

  • He should be shot in the head by a military firing squad.

    He is a worthless human being that deserves to be tried as a traitor. Snowden and Julian Paul Assange (WikiLeaks) should be shot. Little silly worthless punks.

    And, all the countries that have aided these two AHs should be isolated by the USA, e.G., no foreign trade, or anything. All tourism to those countries should be banned.

  • Snowden is a traitor.

    Snowden took a bunch of our secrets and threw them everywhere. What if those were military secrets. We would be doomed. The U.S. government should get him back to the United States and charge him for everything he has done wrong. His acts were highly irresponsible. Why are we letting a criminal run free?

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