• Yes, I believe electroshock therapy works.

    I believe electroshock therapy works because it has been refined over the years. It has very negative connotations from movies and past usage in the 1960s and 1970s. It can be used to treat severe depression if medications have failed. Also, antidepressants can take several weeks before they can take affect. Shock therapy delivers relief to a patient much faster. People should not be afraid of this treatment because of past horror stories they might have heard.

  • Only in extremes, yes.

    Electroshock therapy has a horrible reputation. It was overused in the 1960s and caused a lot of damage to many patients. However, most doctors today agree that if medication and therapy have failed, shock therapy can be a good last resort for patients who have very severe depression. It is extreme, but it is better than the alternative consequences of depression such as suicide.

  • In some cases, it has its uses.

    While the antiquated application of this procedure is barbaric at best, the premise behind it is secure. With refinement and pinpoint application, it could have many beneficial uses. As the brain is essentially a computer and the body operates on electrical impulses, being able to deliver a tightly controlled wave of the same may help to remedy certain afflictions.

  • No, it doesnt work.

    Electroshock therapy doesnt work. Instead, it is very cruel and I would think, painful. In my opinion, it is no different then sending a person to the electric chair, without out, of course, killing them. It is barbaric and should be outlawed. It was so popular in the 60's and 70's, but now we can treat people with medication.

  • Permanent brain damage

    ECT gives permanent brain damage. Any immediate effect is due to concussion. A temporary euphoria which fades after 4 - 6 weeks and the patient goes back to how they were plus they now have brain damage. People can forget their education and many years of their past life. They can have cognitive deficits and be unable to make new memories. ECT machines have never been tested for safety on humans. Unfortunately they are big business which is why psychiatrists are lobbying the FDA (US) to relegate the machines from class III to class II so they don't have to be tested. The FDA are being pressurised by congress to do one or the other. Google Dr Peter Breggin.

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