• Elise Neal Looks Incredible For Her Age!

    Elise Neal, the actress who recently made headlines for the Instagram photo that "broke the Internet," does indeed look 25 in the photo. Age may merely be a number, but Neal has proved that she can subvert those beauty standards and look more youthful than ever. Her photo is proof that women of any age can really look incredible.

  • No, Elise Neal looks older than 25.

    American actress Elise Neal, despite looking great for her age of 50, still looks quite a bit older than 25. Her pictures released upon the occasion of her 50th birthday came with a long string of articles about how she still looks 25, but in reality, the actress looks closer to 40.

  • No, Elise Neal does not look 25

    No, Elise Neal does not really look 25. Elise Neal is significantly older than 25. Many people can remember the actress appearing on television shows years ago. This fact alone causes television watchers to see her as being closer to her actual age of 50. She is in good shape and does not look 50 but not 25 either.

  • It does not matter what we look like as long as we are alive.

    Of course, it appears we want to age graciously, generally. This conversation couple with the time and energy it would take to debate this topic could be put to a much better topic. Any topic that would benefit the breath it took for one to voice their opinion benefiting something - anything. Myself, I would not waste more than a casual comment to someone in my close environment that spoke of it.

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