• I Think It Does

    I think emphasizing technology does reduce the amount of learning. I believe some teachers are lazy and they lean on technology thinking it makes up the difference for their lackluster efforts. Education shouldn't focus on technology because it changes to quickly. I believe students get enough access to games and fun apps outside of school, they shouldn't be accessing this kind of stuff at school.

  • It can, yes

    Technology enables us to learn at a quicker capacity than ever before, but that doesn't mean it's used to do so. Sure, the internet can help this generation compile information faster than ours, but it's also overflowing with distractions that are far more appealing to its users. Technology can increase the amount of learning if used to do so, but it often is not.

  • It does not

    The reason I say this is because technology has our children's education. Technology in the classroom can also make more kids want to join the STEM field. Kids can explore technology and learn more with technology being apart of here education lifespan conclusion, things may be different but we still have the men and women that contribute there lives to educating and encouraging the younger generation.

  • No, as long as it's done right.

    Technology is a very useful tool in a teacher's arsenal to encourage learning and reach more kids. As long as they use technology correctly as a supplement to their lessons, it does not reduce learning. In fact, technology has the ability to greatly increase learning when used correctly and not relied on too much.

  • No, it does not.

    Technology serves as a more to emphasize more learning. It would not be harmful for kids to use technology in everyday class, such as laptops and tablets. These devices serve to give easier access to writing notes and reading more books. With the right limitations, technology will help improve a persons learning capabilities.

  • It is a type of learning.

    No, emphasizing technology does not reduce the amount of learning, because technology is something that students need to learn about. Students need to learn technological skills, because otherwise they will be behind when they enter the real world. Technology is a different type of learning, but it is very important to the future.

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