Does Epic Rap Battles of History make you "learn" something (ex: bad words, history, etc.)?

Asked by: HungryTGUY
  • They Have Taught Me History

    I have watched a lot of the epic rap battles of history and I have learned many things from them. I have learned about Hitler and about Babe Ruth. I also will admit I have learned some bad words from it too. I also like how they can teach you stuff in funny raps.

  • Epic rap battles are just for entertainment.

    I think that the Epic rap battles series are just for
    entertainment. They are hilarious. I’ve watched too many of them to count, but I
    can’t say that any of them have really taught me anything. Rap music moves so fast that it’s hard to
    really process a large amount of information.

  • It focuses on history

    If you are asking me to exclude history then I would say no you cant learn because, from the episodes that I have seen at least, it attempts to bring comic relief to historical figures through rap music and while I believe you can learn from history I do not believe the show offers more than that

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