• Explicit music effects kids, and adults.

    Calming music is fine, but we are exposing our children to vulgarity, violence, and abuse in some of the explicit music. They think it is cool, they think it is right to do what the musician tells them to do; in their own way. As parents we should censor the music our children listen to.

  • of course it does

    Kids learn what is acceptable from the things they see and hear others around them say and do. If kids are allowed to listen to or watch something then it gives them tacit permission to emulate what they see and hear. kids who are allowed to listen to profanity will inevitably incorporate into their speech habits

  • To an extent

    They expose kids to vulgarity, sexism and so on earlier than they probably should be, but this is a place that the "if it doesn't something else will" cliche works. It does technically affect kids but it isn't alone, if explicit music disappeared tomorrow some other form of media would fill the void.

  • Because its sick

    Rap music doesn't effect kids, boys have always thought in the sexist way its just now they are expressing it and no one likes it. So in concluysion I believe anyone can luisten to what evr music they want to even if some one want= top stop us at all???

  • The more you shield kids, the more rebellious they become.

    Music is a choice. If you want to listen to explicit content, that choice is up to you. Parents should shield some music, but if they happen to swear, it really isn't a big deal. Guess what? Your child probably swears and if you shield them, what do you think they're going to do more?

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