• Letting them develop their army just next to your borders, it's already supporting!

    For long time, it was obvious that ISIS used Turkey as a grocery and a hospital. By letting them terrorists in your country and heal the wounded ones in your hospitals and sending them back, it's already supporting even if Turkey didn't give them guns, money or whatever (there are also some doubts about it). As a conclusion, Turkey should have removed them before they get strong and that big.

  • Erdogan is a Sunni terrorist himself , he’s evil

    The US should throw turkey out of NATO.
    He is using his hatred for the Kurds as an excuse to invade Syria and purge it of “terrorists” pretty hard to do when you are enlisting Isis fighters from Iraq and elsewhere to do your dirty work. Erdogan is a dirty liar and he’s dangerous as hell

  • Erdogan is Trying to Hide Evidence of Supporting ISIS.

    Turkey’s regime is trying to hide any evidence that holds Turkish leaders responsible for the support of terrorist groups, especially the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), Turkish media is reporting.

    Turkey officially denies all accusations that it supports activities of terrorists and allows them to pass through its territory to fight the Syrian regime. Ankara has repeatedly called for the ouster of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad.

    The Arab news website Al-Watan Al-Arabi (Arabic link) quoted Turkish media sources as saying that West’s intention to investigate the relationship between the Turkish regime and the Islamic state organization raised Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s fears. This fear caused him to have Hakan Fidan, the head of Turkey’s intelligence service and Erdogan’s right-hand man, get rid of any evidence that could be used against him in international courts.

    Erdogan reportedly instructed the intelligence agencies to hide all evidence and documents that show the involvement of the Turkish government in supporting ISIS, out of fear of being charged in international courts for supporting a terror organization.

    Experts believe that Turkey turns a blind eye to militants who are going to Syria to join extremist groups via Turkish border crossings. They stress that Turkey, despite being a NATO member and having broad logistical and regulatory powers, facilitates this traffic out of hope that it will increase the possibility of the fall of Assad’s regime.

    For example, some pro-Kurdish media outlets reported recently that a car bomb driven by a suicide bomber came from the Turkish border and exploded at the Syrian border crossing near Kobane, which raised questions about Turkey’s commitment to fighting ISIS. Additionally, many young men who went to fight in Syria and Iraq and then returned to their homes acknowledged that they had walked through Turkish border crossing and cooperated with “mediators” to cross into “the land of jihad.”

    In addition, international officials accused the Turkish state of not doing enough to stop the fighting in Kobane, located just on the Syrian side of the border, where local Kurdish forces are battling ISIS. Analysts also say that the escape of Turks from extremist forces raises the level of concerns about coordination between the Erdogan regime and the militant jihadist groups.

  • Turkey could cut off Islamic State’s supply lines. So why doesn’t it?

    The exact relationship between Erdoğan’s government and Isis may be subject to debate; but of some things we can be relatively certain. Had Turkey placed the same kind of absolute blockade on Isis territories as they did on Kurdish-held parts of Syria, let alone shown the same sort of “benign neglect” towards the PKK and YPG that they have been offering to Isis, that blood-stained “caliphate” would long since have collapsed – and arguably, the Paris attacks may never have happened. And if Turkey were to do the same today, Isis would probably collapse in a matter of months. Yet, has a single western leader called on Erdoğan to do this?

    The next time you hear one of those politicians declaring the need to crack down on civil liberties or immigrant rights because of the need for absolute “war” against terrorism bear all this in mind. Their resolve is exactly as “absolute” as it is politically convenient. Turkey, after all, is a “strategic ally”. So after their declaration, they are likely to head off to share a friendly cup of tea with the very man who makes it possible for Isis to continue to exist.

  • Don't believe instantly what you told by media.

    Yes. He uses religious arguments for just to gain political achievement. Turkey is still secular and stable country in the Middle East. All east neighbours we have are unstable. They are not stable such as any european countries. We also wanted neighbours such as France, Belgium etc. so we can trade and tourism but reality is totally different. Why I said all of these. Believing Turkey supports ISIS, you believe what you need to believe requested by western media. Because this is easy way to explain things in the Middle East. Turks are muslim so they must support ISIS because they are also muslim. What do you know about Islam practition in Turkey? Turkey has secular laws and vast majortiy of Turkish people, involving Kurds and others are also living in secular norms in this country. Yes someone may be supports ISIS and their mass killings personally but this is an issue in everywhere including western countries because they are radical.

    We have suffered PKK terror for years and died, we really died not you all westerns, we have died as Turks and Kurds and please ask yourself who armed them against Turkey? Western accuses Turkey supports ISIS but ISIS uses western weapons. Because ISIS made by US. ISIS serves US interests firstly. ISIS is used by almost every governments as a terror group for their interests. Problem is Turkey also wants to use them for their interests. Please ask yourself, why do all of the world interested in Middle East situation? Are they love us too much? For western countries Middle East can only be a cheap oil land and good customers for selling weapon using the differences amongst them. We had lived in here with in peace in the past so don't sell your weapons to Middle East countries, don't believe instantly what you told by western media.

  • Because ISIS made by USA

    Voting "yes" for this debate is absolutely easy way to belive what you need to believe. Why does Turkish government want to support a terrorist group next to the border. We want to trade and tourism with our neighbours like your neighbours such as Germany, France or any other western countries. But our borders are Iraq, Syria and Iran. We don't have any stable country in the middle east except Turkey. It is absolutely non sense thing to supported any terror group next to our borders. We have suffered PKK terror in our land for years and died many people us. Just think about which country in the world the biggest gun trader? If you look at the gun beloned to any terror groups you can see it is made in USA.

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