Does Erin Andrews deserve to win $55 million in her lawsuit against the Nashville Marriott?

  • Her profile makes the damages more costly.

    I am not always the biggest fan of large lawsuit judgments, but Erin Andrews definitely deserved to win her case. There are some reasons for the large judgment though that are justified. One is her high profile. The costs she endured to protect herself and recover her image are high. The costs she has to endure now are high. The other is the damage in her potential income. Since she is a high profile person and one is liable for the damages they cause to said person, then a high judgment is fair. When you add everything together, a multimillion dollar judgment was warranted. But I do think high dollar amounts in judgments are fair to be scrutinized to a certain degree. Given what Andrews went through, however, there are more reasons to say yes than to say no.

  • Erin Andrews fully deserves to win $55 million in her lawsuit against the Nashville Marriott.

    Erin Andrews fully deserves to win $55 million in her lawsuit against the Nashville Marriott. The Marriott should have done more to ensure the safety and privacy of its guests. The whole incident is both shocking and disturbing. Are hotels safe and what are hotels doing to ensure maximum privacy of guests.

  • Yes she does

    Money doesn't fix things or fix the embarrassment that has been caused to Erin Andrews. However, by making such judgements, it will definitely make hotels/ companies think about taking such issues seriously. Hotels should behave more maturely and responsibly in this area, especially when a woman is travelling alone and is seeking accommodation in their hotel.

  • Does she deserve compensation? No.

    I think the Nashville Marriott was being, at least to some degree, negligent in their duty to ensure the privacy of every guest. But Erin Andrews should set an example for other people instead of being a child; you come out and say that you condemn that creepy ass stalker for spying on you while you undressed, but whilst you are disappointed in the criminal acts of one man you aren't embarrassed of who you are or what you look like and no one can make you feel like your dignity has been seized. Marriott should have been fined and should have had to pay those fines to the government, but she didn't deserve a penny.

  • Could you argue that she deserved compensation? Yes, however...

    $55 million just because you were recorded being naked in a hotel room? I'm in no way condoning what happened but, $55 million for that when people who lose loved ones or close friends can't even get 1/2 that amount is insanity to me. I mean think about it, sure there's video of you naked on the internet and that's not something that people will forget but is it really one of the worst things that could happen, so bad that you get paid many times more than actual rape victims or people that have been in work accidents or loved ones murdered?

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