Does Europe do enough to protect the Romani people from discrimination?

  • Yes, they are acting proactively.

    Yes, Europe does a great deal to protect the Romani people, and it is a hard issue to solve. Just because the European Union cannot protect the Romani people from each and every act of discrimination does not mean that they are tolerating the discrimination systemically. The European Union is doing what they can to address the problem. It is not an easy situation.

  • Romani people are protected.

    I think that, in comparison to many other things that have occurred in Europe when it comes to race, the Romani people have had it fairly decently by the rest of Europe in their defense from discrimination. I agree with the question in saying that Europe has done enough to protect the Romani

  • They do not.

    Europe does not do enough to protect the Romani people from discrimination. This is a new thing, and Europe has not had enough time to address this issue. Given the correct amount of time, Europe will be able to protect all of the Romani people from discrimination in the future

  • Romani Still Face Problems Today

    Europe hasn't done enough yet because there are other pressing problems. The Romani have two choices--they can either modernize and integrate or keep with tradition. One solution makes the Romani tradition of traveling go extinct. The other forces mainstream Europeans to accept the Romani's ways. Both options still have a long way to go.

  • Roma Still Face Hard Times

    The Roma people are at a crossroads. On the one hand, mainstream Europeans want them to modernize and integrate into modern society. On the other side, the Roma want to continue their traditions of traveling throughout Europe as the nomads they used to be. Something has to give as modern humans aren't constantly nomadic like they were 100 years ago.

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