Does every American have the RIGHT to Food, Water and Shelter?

Asked by: Shmac07
  • Yes it is

    Water, food, shelter everyone needs it, and everyone has the right to get it people need it to survive. YOU WOULD JUST LET A HOMELESS PERSON Go without food, and water? If you would then yuo are ungrateful. EVERY american has rights to food, water, and shelter. They are rights.(Sorry for caps)

  • Yes and No

    If the government can provide food, than yes. The problem with this is that people can abuse this idea, and become lazy. The government can become extremely powerful in these circumstances, and ignore other human rights. The purpose of the government is to teach people how to make food and get it. How to make shelter. How to make water.

  • They are part of the right to life.

    If you believe in the right to life, then you must believe that food, water, and shelter are human rights as well. You cannot say "I believe you have the right to live, but not to the things you need to live." If people do not have the things they need to live, then they cannot live a fulfilling, dignified life. And while fulfillment and dignity require people to act on those rights, they cannot exist when you are homeless, starving and dying of thirst. If you look at Maslow's hierarchy of needs, you will see that before people can obtain things like belonging, esteem and self actualization, they first require their physiological needs be met and they have safety and security, both economic, social and physical security.

  • Yes. General Welfare.

    The Constitution states that the Government is to "provide for the general welfare." Clean water, basic shelter, adequate food are all items that need to be provided for those that cannot provide it for themselves. We have a moral obligation to help children, the elderly, and the infirm to ensure that they have their basic needs met. NO ONE CAN IMPROVE THEIR LOT IN LIFE without their basic needs being met. Check out Maslow's Hierarchy. It spells it out right there for all to see.

  • Definition of Right

    A right is not something given, but something not taken away. No person should have their water, food, and shelter taken away from them. It is very much similar to "Here, let me take away your oxygen. If you want it back, you'll have to work for it." Like oxygen; food, water, and shelter, are a necessity and should not be taken away.

  • We hold these truths to be self-evident...

    I don't see how people can say that they support the right to life when they don't support satisfying basic needs. Spoiler alert: if you don't eat, you'll die. It's ridiculous that, when billions of dollars in food is being thrown away before ever reaching store shelves, we can't kick some down to the people who need it.

  • Yes no yes no

    It is less that they are entitled to these things, and more that they are entitled the opportunity to earn these things, people are nor entitled to equal things, they are entitled to equal opportunity to achieve these things, aside from Life, Liberty, and Property, they are on their own as to how they fend for themselves. People try to say that it is unfair for one person to have something someone else does not, in reality, ensuring that everyone has the same regardless, that is discriminatory, because then one person has to work for something that someone else gets for free, no, they should get what they earn, and they should get the equal opportunity to do so.

  • Basic needs are basic.

    Every American, hell, every human, deserves an opportunity to better improve their lot in life, and the least that can be expected is food - to prevent starvation, clean water, and a roof - even low quality, communal housing. No one comes into the world with everything, its provided for us as children.

  • Of course they are!

    It doesn't matter if someone is American, or not. Though individuals, we are all human beings, and together we make up this beautiful planet called Earth. We should look out for one another, and help those in need. It's not just about "our" lives and the way we are living "now." It's about creating a world so that future generations don't have to deal with struggles we face today.

  • People need food and shelter but the should at least do something.

    Food and shelter is a huge problem in America and people have the right to get all of that. But people should have to do some work for that stuff they cant just accept that not working for stuff that everyone else works for isn't going to get you anywhere.

  • No. Food, Water, and Shelter are not rights.

    Just like having a toothbrush is not a right.
    Just like having a bed is not a right.
    Just like having condoms are not a right.
    Just like having medical treatment is not a right.
    Just like having a hat and/or jacket to wear on a cold day is not a right.
    Just like having fire is not a right.
    Just like having electricity is not a right.
    Just like rape isn't a right, even though for many that would make them happy.
    Just like owning the fruits of another mans labor is not a right.
    Just like owning a slave is not a right (duplicated from above, but some don't get it).

  • Those are Basic Human Needs, But no one is entitled to those things.

    No person in America is entitled to Guaranteed Food Water and Shelter. These items have value associated to them and if you can not produce a Good or service in exchange for these items then said individual will not acquire these items. Huge difference between a Persons Rights and a Persons Needs/Wants.

  • Of course not, unless you earn it.

    This is such an easy concept to grasp and has been stated numerous times already, but I feel it has to be repeated, given that almost half of the people who voted here actually believe you shouldn't have to provide your knowledge and skills to society to be provided something in return.

    If people can just mooch off of the system, where is the incentive to be productive and generate wealth to sustain society? Nowhere.

  • No they don't.

    The U.S. people, do not share ownership of the countries food, water, and housing so it is not something your entitled to because of being a U.S. citizen.
    There are organizations both withing and outside our government that give aid to those in need. Because it uses funds from taxes, the government ones tend to limit it to natural disasters such as hurricane relief. Other matters are usually dealt with on a more local or charitable level such as homeless shelters.

  • No, No Way

    They should have to work for food and water. If they are given them for free they will not try to do better in life. Ldsfh flsdf haldf lsdf hsd fad fasdf aldsfhdjhfhf fhhfhfhfhfff fk k k k k k k kdsk d d d d dd d dd ddd dd

  • Get a job hobos

    These people need to get a job honestly. They complain but they're not doing anything for America but taking. They are like leeches always taking but never giving and it is a disgrace. I know of job trouble but it's not hard to flip burgers at McDonalds like come on people.

  • No they are not

    No, we don't have the right to food , water and shelter. However, we do have the right to pursuit paths to secure food, water and shelter. Examples: Work and use YOUR EARNED INCOME to buy food, water and pay for shelter. One can also seek shelter at homeless shelter, get food and water at food banks.

  • No, it is not

    I wrote a huge thing and it didnt submit, so imma just give you the basics. Its not cool cause its like, easy to get that shit in america, and if you cant then you havent worked for it. I also said shit about appealing to the meaning of the question rather than the literal meaning of right because that was probably the intention.

  • Unfortunately, we do not

    However, the Constitution does have a general welfare clause that certainly can be applied to providing a minimum social safety net, at the very least, if not far more, like providing for more education, public works, workplace and consumer protections and regulations, etc. The Constitution is not some fatalist suicide pact.


  • Unfortunately, these are not rights

    However, the Constitution does have a general welfare clause that certainly can be applied to providing a minimum social safety net, at the very least, if not far more, like providing for more education, public works, workplace and consumer protections and regulations, etc. The Constitution is not some fatalist suicide pact.


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