Does every movement require a mover such as described in Aristotle's 'Prime Mover' theory?

  • Something Must Move in Order to Observe Movement

    Aristotle's "Prime Mover" theory was a way to get his students to think about the origins of the universe and what it means to be a deity. His idea was that every movement is caused by a mover, but someone had to start the movement in the first place. In many respects, Aristotle is almost describing what happened at the big bang 13.7 billion years ago when a super-dense ball of matter exploded outward. The big bang was the first mover and the movement hasn't stopped since. In today's entropy-filled world, every movement requires a mover now that movement has been set in motion.

  • Every instance of change requires a transition from nonbeing to being.

    Everything which admits of change is a mixture of act and potency. For instance, water can be either liquid, solid, or gas, and all of these states cannot coexist. If the water is liquid, it is liquid water in act, but vapor and ice in potency; thus the water is both act and potency at the same time. For the water to change into ice or gas (i.E. Actualize its potencies), it requires something to actualize this change by acting upon it. In other words, since the water cannot exist as only potentiality or actuality (there is no such thing as water that is not a liquid, gas, or solid), there must necessarily be something actual which adds actuality to the potentiality out of which it is made, and pure act is the Prime Mover. Knowing this does not require knowledge of some long lost Big Bang, but only knowledge that even one change from potency to act has ever occurred in the universe. A proper explanation is beyond the scope of this post (Aquinas alone wrote hundreds of pages on this topic), yet that is at least part of the basic gist.

  • Yes it helps

    I think that it is definitely beneficial to movements to have a mover. Every movement needs a charismatic leader to help move things along and get it the exposure it needs. Leaders, or movers, give the movement a face. They also give the movement a voice and they can lead the group.

  • Movements Require Movers

    Aristotle's "Prime Mover" theory is absolutely correct, and a mover is required for each movement. If someone isn't available to be the driving force for a movement, then that movement will inevitably fail. A mover helps ensure the success of a movement, and multiple movers are invaluable for a given cause.

  • No, maybe everything always existed

    The idea that “nothing comes from nothing,” that everything must
    have an origin or cause, is often taken as proof that something must have
    started it all. Aristotle argued this point brilliantly, when he discussed the
    idea of the Prime Mover. However, it makes as much sense to some modern philosophers
    to say that since nothing comes from nothing everything must have always existed,
    for it could not possibly have come into existence from nothing.

  • Every Movement Does Not Require A Mover

    Aristotle described a prime mover as a primary cause or mover in the happenings of the universe. This is just one theory. Movements often require a charismatic leader who ultimately ends in a gruesome way. Aristotle offered philosophies at the earliest of times, and therefore modern theories have developed and have adapted Aristotle's theory. Therefore, depending upon the philosophy you follow, every movement does not necessarily require a mover.

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