• People need a place to go in times of things like disease.

    As demonstrated by the present we can see the result of what happens when people don't take care of the homeless. Ethnicity's of all kinds get sick.

    They spread things like COVID-19, And the Plague. Hard to self isolate when you literally can't. Wide open shelters full of other people are breeding spots for infections of all kinds that spread to otherwise healthy people.

    So yes, I'm all for people having their own homes and apartments, Please stay in them if you have one.

    A good number of homeless people are veterans who fought for their country, So I don't know what kind of delusion you're under to think that every single country is owned by one race; certainly isn't the case for the USA. They have citizens and leaders from all over the world.

  • Well Yes but No

    Of course I believe that every race, Religion and person should have a homeland to call their own land. A place where people can stand up proudly and say "yes, This is where we came from". But also of course, I don't, Therefore, Believe that we should become Right Wing Fascists, And keep people isolated in their little pockets of land. Internationalism and Multiculturalism is what keeps humanity intresting, And why should we demonize it if a white person wants to visit South Africa, Or a Chinese person want to visit Brazil. We should have a place of origin for every type of person in this world, But that doesn't mean we should keep them there.

  • All people should be able to govern themselves

    We have seen instances of people suffering due to inability to govern themselves throughout history. If Israel had been founded a decade earlier, The Holocaust would not have claimed as many lives as it did. The Kurds today are yet another example of this, As they continue to suffer because they continue to lack their own state- and with it, The ability to legally and officially govern themselves. Of course, This in no way, Shape, Or form excuses segregation or other racial injustices- everyone should be considered equal, Regardless of race. However, The same logic, When combined with the reality that people have suffered most when they had no official and independent self-government, Also makes the case for every race's right to have their own state.

  • People home need, Yes

    People get conquered throughout history, That's just the way it is with every country in the world. Now, Racism is terrible but if you don't follow laws of the country which conquered said land, Than you reap the consequences of your actions.

    People can get citizenship's in legal ways. It is illegal to stay in any country without eventually obtaining a citizenship.

  • Of course not

    Why would you separate people based purely on ethnicity? Sounds a lot like some historical events and I recall they did not end well. Diversity is a large part of America, And separating everyone ruins it. I'm Asian, But I don't wanna live in an area with just Asians. I have amazing friends across several ethnicities. I am dating a Latina. Separating everyone into different ethnicities and relocating us is a terrible idea, Affecting everyone emotionally and economically. It isn't practical either. It will take a huge amount of funding to move everyone and have residences in place. It just isn't a good idea from the start for all the most obvious reasons and more

  • This is beyond levels of retarded

    Mixed race people exist, And the biggest shockers is that white people are mixed. Anglos Saxons are the product of rape. The Anglos were slaughtered and raped by the Saxons creating the hybrid.
    Mexican People are the Product of Spaniard men and native American women. America does not even belong to the Americans neither does Australia nor Africa.
    How do you expect to isolate people when all we do is travel around the world and make babies.
    Then you say lets just make a permanent place then well let me tell you something. Corporations and rich people will exploit poor people until the end of time. You can't stop people from wanting to travel to other lands and make money.

    This is such a bizarre fantasy that can only be fantasy just like you having a girlfriend.

    20 bucks that Sven is not even your real name and that you stole the name Olaf from watching frozen wishing your were like a Disney princess.

  • No man is an island.

    I think it doesn't matter if you are a resident of a certain country or not because looking at our situation right now, We all have the freedom to explore this world instead of staying in our comfort zone. Yes, We all deserve a home to go back to especially in a major crisis like n-cov. But what's the point of isolating ourselves if the crisis involves everyone - even in your own race? Then, We need the help of other people right? We can't just solve our own matters by ourselves because we need the viewpoints of others too.

    What about those race who are at the brink of extinction? Will we just shut up and let them be because they are not part of our own race?

    Indeed, We deserve a place of our own, But let us not change the fact that no man is an island.

  • You are contradicting your own selves.

    You want to segregate people based purely on "race" in an assigned piece of land; and then you say that people get conquered all the time so land sovereignty mean nothing. Except for Illegals?
    So I guess America will become the land of Mexico because the whites are getting replaced and their numbers are shrinking?

    The other guy is right its just some fetish some pathetic white nationalist is dreaming of.

  • People should be allowed to go where they want.

    If you give one race part of the country, You're blocking other races from entering. How is this any different from segregation? Looking at it from a logical perspective, There will be more variety in culture, Food, And probably opinions. Looking at it morally, Everyone should have the right to go where they want. We're all human beings and giving races homes enforces the "us vs. Them" idea. Lastly, What reason even is there for races to be separated? I have many friends who are different races and I wouldn't want them to have to live somewhere else.

  • Laughable Broke People

    85% of Americans are in debt and they aren't that special to have their own land as a race. People need to know their place. . Darwin's survival of the fittest is and will always be the law when it comes to all species. Race was created to divide & conquer serfs

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