Does everyone have a revelation (yes) or do you think that they do not (no)?

  • Everyone Has Revelations

    A revelation is the divine or supernatural disclosure to humans of something relating to human existence or the world. In a more common way of expressing it, it is the introduction of a new idea to a human, who had not yet realized the new idea. It's an ah-ha moment. I believe all humans experience revelations in this sense, but maybe not the super natural sense.

  • Yes, everyone has a revelation and mission.

    I think that everyone has a piece of the truth that they can deliver in their own way. However, most people do not want to stay awake so they receive and follow it and so it goes undelivered. There is always some sacrifice involved in detaching from the outside stimuli so that the internal message can be heeded.

  • Not everyone has a revelation

    Some people will spend their entire lives completely oblivious to what is going on around them. They think anyone who tells them what is really going on is being an alarmist. We are killing the planet, the animals and each other and yet there are people who refuse to see and believe.

  • No, everyone does not have a revelation.

    Unfortunately I do not believe that everybody has a revelation in their life. Some people go through life blind or denial, their whole life. That does not make them bad people it just means that they never get that wakeup call that they need to find their purpose on this earth.

  • Not everyone has a revelation.

    Not everyone has a revelation. There are some people out there that never have a faith or a revelation. This is nothing to judge and just depends on the person. I think some people value living more than others. I respect everyone no matter what decisions they make in life or not.

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