• Everyone has the absolute right to asylum in another country.

    Everyone has the absolute right to asylum in another country. There are a lot of countries out there that do not treat their citizens fairly. People should be allowed to live where they think that they can be happy and have a family. I think everyone has a right to asylum to another country.

  • Say Yes at your own peril

    Asylum is an abused word. Not happy with your country? Seek asylum. Not qualified or willing to immigrate via proper channels? Pretend you're an asylum seeker. On this front alone, HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of people in the third world woukd love to come to the West, citing sob stories. Ready to welcome them all?

    I get it that several countries are run by sadistic governments, where law enforcement is pathetic. But welcoming everyone who has reason to "fear for their safety" will destroy the fabric of western society, to say the least. Our children will pay a high cost as asylum-related crime increases, education and healthcare services get strained.

  • I disagree if countries should grant asylum.

    They're people out there that look like everyone else and seem like genuine people. They could be a serial killer or a terrorist. Are you really ready to fight a fight that could have been avoided? In my opinion if it is not a crime here it can be considered for them to migrate here. But what says that if they've committed a crime in another country that they wont commit one here.

  • No they don't.

    I do not think that everyone has the absolute right to asylum in another country. I really think it depends on what they have done. If they are a mass murderer, then I do not think they have the right to asylum. If they have committed a crime like Edward Snowden, then I think they do have the right.

  • No, there has to be a good reason.

    We do not want to harbor criminals or allow that other countries can harbor our criminals. However, criminal activity is defined differently from nation to nation so it is okay to harbor someone when they are being persecuted in their own country for something the asylum country would not consider a crime.

  • No one really has that right

    Technically no one really has an absolute right to asylum in another country. You have a right to be accepted into your country of citizenship and that's about it. It is up to the country whether to take you in asylum or not. If they take you they are really being generous to you.

  • Sometimes we shouldn't let people in.

    We can't just let everybody in claiming asylum. Bad people could get in, people who don't like the country they're entering could get in. Terrorists and criminals who come to us, don't automatically get off the hook. America has the right to choose who enters or not. If the person genuinely has a good intention, we can consider asylum. If not, then too bad so sad.

  • Countries Grant Asylum

    I do not believe that everyone has the absolute right to asylum in another country. Countries are the entities that decide whether or not to grant asylum, not individuals. It is also not an immediate right, some countries prefer to not get involved, others may not want to do it due to their own national interest.

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